Best Transmitter For Beginners - Under 45 $

by Amit RC | November 30, 2017 | (2) Posted in Reviews


This is my review of this cheap and best transmitter - FlySky FS-i6.

The purchase link - 

Compatible Receivers -                       


Its got lot of good things for such a low price.

Good things are - 

1.   Its cheap.  Under 45 $.

2.   LCD screen with buttons to navigate and change settings. No need to connect to computer or laptop to change the settings.

No need to carry laptop to flying field.

3.   Stick movement are smooth and build quality is also good.

4. Programmable.  

5. All the settings like trim, Expo, Dual rate, mixing  can be changed at the field. customization as per individual preference.

6. Form factor and size just correct. Fits in the hands very nicely. Thinner than most of the expensive transmitters.

7.  The compatible receivers are also very cheap.

8. Binds with several different compatible receivers.

9. Lightweight.

10. Good range.

So overall,  at such a low price, this transmitter offers everything in fact more than enough for a beginner in rc flying hobby.

So in my opinion, this is the best transmitter for not only  a beginner but  also for expert.

Overall I personally liked this transmitter and have been using it over 6 months now.

Only one thing I would like to see improve is - Facility to connect Lipo  instead of AA batteries. 

That's it for this review.

Happy Flying..)


jetpackninja on December 20, 2017
Not a bad review. Would be nice if you had the purchase links and links to the many compatible recievers in the written part of the article as well :)
I have friends that swear by this radio especially for beginners.
I have one of the older flysky radios that works fine, but is way more of a pain to setup than this one is.
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Amit RC on December 20, 2017
Hello friend,
Updating with purchase link. Happy Flying..)
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jetpackninja on December 24, 2017
Excellent! Keep it up with the articles!
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delacalzada_jovito on January 31, 2018
I would like to ask what is the use of Update button on FS-ia6b
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Amit RC on January 31, 2018
Not sure friend..but could be for updating the receiver firmware.
I also need to find out where is this button. Never realized that..))

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Best Transmitter For Beginners - Under 45 $