Cheap Action Camera Under 100 $ - Can Do FPV also

by Amit RC | December 3, 2017 | (0) Posted in Reviews

This is a review of this cheap action camera Firefly 7S which can do FPV also.

It offers excellent video quality in 1080p @ 60fps and @ 30 fps.

Some good points about the camera are -

1. Excellent video quality in HD.

2. Its cheap. Under 100 $.

3. Gyro stabilization works well.

4. Audio quality is loud and clear.

5. Comes with FPV cable which can connect to FPV transmitter. So it can work as FPV camera.

6. It can certainly work well as onboard camera to shoot flight footage.

7. All the accessories, mounts come with camera.

8. Dual screen. Front & Back. Excellent..

9. Good battery backup.

10. Firmware updates available.

So overall, at such a low price and excellent video quality...I personally love this camera.

Things which can be improved-

1. External mic input should be there.


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Cheap Action Camera Under 100 $ - Can Do FPV also