Mobius C2 Mini Action Camera - User Review

by FliteTest | October 5, 2015 | (9) Posted in Reviews Product link: sent me a Möbius C2 Mini Action Camera to review and well I like it.
No kidding right. The Möbius has been the lead camera in this form factor for a while and the C2 is just another step forward with a new lens @ 131 degrees of view. Sure other cameras are knocking on the door so it should be interesting to see what the future holds for us.

Now onto the Möbius C2.

I firmly believe the Möbius C2 is a welcome addition to the camera fleet.
Special if you are looking for a camera that is in a slimmer form factor.

Now with that smaller profile there are some sacrifices.
Battery life, sound and of course no screen but in the end you are still presented with a very capable video capturing device.


1080P / 720p / WVGA 5 - 30fps wide
131 degree wide view angle

Resolution: 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720

Maximum 32GB MicroSD
80 minutes run time

Perfect size or what?

The Möbius is right at home on board the HMB-235 Quad and put up very nicely with my not so impressive flying skills. So it is a tough camera.

But there are issues. I really wish there was some sort of tether hook option.

The skin of the camera itself is not corse enough to stick a velco patch so I ended up using the provided base. Which is not bad but having some means to tie the camera to the craft woud be a lot more comforting.

My other pet peeve is the modes. Once you flash the firmware (I'm getting to that soon...) were you can set the start up mode correctly it become a lot easier. Other wise well you have no idea. Luckly google is handy because on my first out of the box test I was stuck in photo mode.


Firmware. A few things to consider.

My C2 arrived with an older firmware which prevented me from using the latest Mobius Manger (Mac) software. (Software by Lorenzo G)

The V1 manager is fine but did not offer me access to the C2 lens setting. So I flashed the firmware.

To flash and gain access to the settings on the camera it is a pretty simple. Simply follow the directions (very carefully) and in no time you`ll have the Möbius running right. I mean who uses date time stamps anymore? ;)

Look for more footage soon.

The winds were not cooperating this past weekend so I could not put the camera on my Radian.

Looking forward to comparing footage to what I normally capture using the much smaller HD Wing Camera.

 I will also be conducting some FPV tests in the near future as I've recently ordered the Mobius ActionCam FPV Docking Station with Mini Video Transmitter 5.8GHz 32ch 200mW

So there you have it. The Möbius is well worth the value and I will be putting it through its paces over the coming months. If you have any questions or comments ask below or even better join the discussions on our forums as I will post all my results there.


The Mobius ActionCam is also available from the FliteTest Store.


Thank you.








Andre Rousseau - Flite Test Reviews

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onelesseye on October 14, 2015
As far as the lag issue with this cam and the dock are concerned, I have heard from several places that if you drop the resolution from 1080 to 720, the lag time is significantly reduced. It is still not a "race worthy" level of fpv, but it is MUCH better than if you use the 1080p setting.
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andre on October 14, 2015
I'll let you know. ;)
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frugalflyer on October 14, 2015
The Mobius has holes at the rear base corners to attach a tether. A thin wire can be threaded through from the outside but is much easier with the case removed.
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CJGFX on October 14, 2015
I'll be very interested in seeing your thoughts on the Mobius docking station. I saw it the other week on the Hobbyking website and it looks very interesting... I am also interested in the conversion kit that transforms the mobius into the same shape format as a GoPro.. May have to do a Hobby king order soon...

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crow57 on October 15, 2015
To make the Mobius easier to find if it gets ejected in a crash, tape a 1" x 6" piece of streamer material to it and fold it underneath. Or at least put some brightly colored stickers top and bottom.
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andre on October 15, 2015
Hmm all these great tips. Might be something worth while gather together.
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abieex on October 15, 2015
Great job Andre! Nice to see you doing reviews, your a natural. Easy way to keep your trees trimmed!
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andre on October 15, 2015
Thanks. More to come. ;)
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Red20RC on October 19, 2015
I've just had an issue with mine - two in fact.
The first was that whilst plugged in to the USB for charging it appears that the charging circuit on the battery failed and when I came to use the camera it was dead. On opening it up the battery had popped and I was lucky there hadn't been a fire in my office.

The second issue was with my sole surviving Mobius C lens.
I had been experiencing terrible jello in my flight footage. On inspection I discovered the whole lens assembly was loose in the case and could wobble around freely. I have fixed this with some hot glue in the slot that seats the sensor and will be out testing today (weather permitting).

I do like these little cameras but as someone said to me the other day "I've now spent over $500 on cheap cameras that have all broken. I should have just bought a GoPro..."
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andre on October 19, 2015
I've put my old GoPro 960 through a lot but that was before the cheaper camera showed up.

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andre on October 19, 2015
And I've seen you crash a few times ;)
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Dawagner on October 20, 2015
Is there any hardware differences besides the new lens between the C2 and the original Mobius?
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andre on October 21, 2015
Bigger battery.
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lusid666 on October 28, 2015
Original Mobius B lens was about 116 deg fov, the C lense is about 131 the same as the C2 but the C2 cuts out lens flair from the sun.
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lusid666 on October 28, 2015
I have the slightly older B lens version and I think the quality is great. Have strapped it to all sorts and it has never let me down (even when strapped under the battery of my friends Bloody Wonder and used as an undercarriage lol)

Below is a video of it on my Kim250 :)
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scott firman on October 28, 2015
The guys at flite test have put the Mobius camara's through the wringer in past episodes. I have seen others use them and seen them ejected time and time again only to survive for another go. I realize they are cheap and given that fact, my first camara for flying will be the Mobius. I cannot afford a Go Pro let alone watch it being ejected across a parking lot or field when I do crash. Because I know realistically I am going to crash whatever it is I am flying, the choice seems simple. Yes I may get a dud. I usually buy my stuff with some kind of warranty anyways. If I open the box and it doesnt work I expect to get refunded my money, a no brainer for most of us. If I splatter it all over the ground, thats my bad. I dont expect anything except mabe a great picture of the end! Happy flying.
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Mobius C2 Mini Action Camera - User Review