The Best Propellers

by noaflight2 | October 5, 2015 | (5) Posted in Tips

Have you ever needed to buy multiple propellers for different platforms and uses? Was it hard to find a store that offered many selections for all your needs? Before I found 2dogrc, I had all of those problems.

2dogrc is a company that has hundreds of different options for propellers. They have Bull Nose, Carbon Fiber, APC, and even more types of propellers! They might even have a color to match your plane!

Are you excited, because we haven't even mentioned the best part- The Price. A set of 4 bullnose propellers will only cost you $2.99+. Thats less than a dollar a propeller!

Race Quad Propellers

The quality of 2dogrc's Multirotor Propellers are even better than the price. They have been proved to be stronger, more efficient, and lighter than other props. 5045 Bull Nose Propellers use up to 4% less power and are 20% more efficient than competing companies. I really enjoy these props because of they come in many different colors. That might sound weird, but the color really adds a "wow" factor to your aircraft. I can trust these propellers to keep my quad in the air. Also, the efficiency of these props leads to a slightly longer flight! I use these props on my Emax Nighthawk Quad.

Aerial Quad Propellers

Want something that you can trust on your Aerial Platform? Gemfan Carbon Fiber Props are a great choice. As they are Carbon Fiber, they are extremely lightweight and strong. Want something a little cheaper than Carbon Fiber? Gemfan ABS Props are another great choice. They still are very light and reliable, but for half the price of the Fiber props. They can fit any size platform as they range from 4-15 inches. My favorite thing about the Carbon Fiber Aerial Quad Props is of course, the way they look. The color and design of the prop really stands out compared to normal ABS props. I really love how these props need little to no balancing when you buy them. I am building a AP Quad and will use these props on it when it is completed.

Airplane Propellers

2dogrc offers a very large selection of Gemfan Airplane Propellers. They are constructed out of materials similiar to ACP-E and are very durable. They range from 5-17 inches, so they will be able to fit on any RC platform that you can think of. I have personally used these props and I am very impressed. They handle crashes very well and always keep their intended shape. As I mostly fly large RC planes, I really need a prop that is durable and can support my plane. After trying many different props, I decided that Gemfan Airplane Propellers are my favorite. They are very stiff and they match the foamboard very well. I use these props on my FT Versa FPV plane.


Overall, I am very impressed with 2dogrc propellers. They are built very well and will handle what ever you throw at them extremely well (don't throw any trees at them though). I would recommend these props to anyone who is looking for a cheap propeller that they can trust to keep their aircraft in the air. 

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SteveRoby on October 14, 2015
For airplane props.....
dont buy APC copies: they are generally out of balance . Just buy a genuine APC instead, they dont cost much more, are ready to use (dont need to balance them)
I like the gemfan slowfly airplane props, the cheap plastic one. So cheap it doesnt matter if I break them, and they are also well balanced straight out of the bag.
All the other gemfan airplane props Ive tried were truley bad. Avoid.
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noaflight2 on October 14, 2015
Thanks! I am a big fan of the Gemfan slowfly props as well.
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Holski77 on October 16, 2015
I have a feeling you work for 2DogRC
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noaflight2 on October 17, 2015
Nope, I just really like their products. :)
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Marnix on October 17, 2015
Dear noaflight2,

This seems really interresting since I am also searching for really good props for low prices.
But, do you perhaps heve any data (something concerning the efficiency) of those props ?
Could you give some good reasons to buy these props instead of cheaper ones from Hobbyking? I guess the props from this article are better balanced?
Except of this increased precision in prop balance, are there any other advantages of buying these props ? (Hobbyking's not-so-expensive props also are durable...)

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noaflight2 on October 17, 2015
Thanks! As you said, these props are extremely cheap and well balanced. I have bought from hobbyking before, and I was very happy until I started flying multirotors with their props. The hobbyking props were not very well balanced, which caused awkward flight tendencies. Prop balance is extremely important when flying larger scale planes and multirotors. I didn't realize how beneficial well balanced props are until I started using Gemfan Props. They are the difference between flying and crashing.

The efficiency of these props are extremely good, especially the multirotor props. The increased efficiency will give you longer flights, more responsive aircraft, and your motors shouldn't overheat as easily. Since the props are more efficient, it will move through the air quicker and easier. As stated in my article, these props use "4% less power and are 20% more efficient than competing companies"

My favorite part about the Gemfan props from is that the company is in America! You get the best props, for the best price, in the best country!

Hope that helped! Please rate!

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Marnix on October 25, 2015
Thanks ! Unfortunately, I am not from America...
I might try them though.
Do you perhaps know if there are any companies selling these props in Europe ?
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noaflight2 on October 18, 2015
Does that help? Have any more questions?
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Maingear on October 20, 2015
No comparisons made,

This sure reads like an ad.

one star
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FlyingMonkey on October 20, 2015
Thank you for giving an explanation as to why you rated the way you did.
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The Best Propellers