Blackout Mini-H Review

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Im going to start this review by saying that I was not sent this quadcopter by blackout so it is going to be an honest review.

So lets get right into the specs: I am using the blackout 1806 2300kv motors, HQ 5x4 props, HK 12 amp escs, the almighty naze 32 flight controller, a spectrum recvier, a nano tech 1300mah 45-90c battery, for FPV the security camera 2000 sony super HAD and an immersion video transmitter. With this setup I get 4 minutes of flight time.

The blackout is a carbon fibre 220mm size quadcopter. The carbon fibre is 3k weave. The version 2 airframe with the antivibration plate weights only 123 grams. The max size propeller you can use on the smaller arms is 5”.

The basic kit includes: 1x Mini H Quad - Center Plate - 1mm Carbon Fiber, 1x Mini H Quad - Power Distribution Board V2 - 1.6mm FR-4, 1x Mini H Quad - Top Plate - 1mm Carbon Fiber, 1x Mini H Quad - Camera Mount - 1.5mm Carbon Fiber 4x Mini H Quad - Arms - 3mm Carbon Fiber, 1x Mini H Quad - Anti Vibration HD Camera Mount - 2mm Carbon Fiber, 1x Mini H Quad - Fastener Pack, it also includes all the screws needed for the kit,

Currertly the basic kit costs $150 or 98 pounds not including shipping. 



Sadly I was disappointed with the quality of the motors, 2 out of the 4 blackout motors seemed inconsistent in the bearing quality. Not good marks for blackout on that one, also I had issues which the camera plate in which I had to use a dremmel to make the plate fit properly and on a machine which is pretty expensive, im not particularly happy with that.


Other than that the frame is very very nice, it is strong to the extent in which I cant even bend them under my full strength. I also like the fact that there is an antenna extension hole so that you can use an extension from your video transmitter to your antenna so that in the event of a bad crash you can break the sma on the antenna and not on the actual video transmitter.


It is also nice to see the 2 vibration isolating plates, one for the HD camera, i am using a mobius but people also use Gopros, I opted not to do this as it adds unnecessary weight to the quad which inturn reduces performance and flight time. Its also nice that there is vibration dampening for the board camera as this reduces the chance of jello.

Value more money:

For the frame itself, it is pretty expensive. At £100 for the airframe , yes £100 for a 250 size airframe.  which doesn’t include postage from Australia. But the frame itself I can justify the money, as a result of having a high quality power distribution board, led board and the fact that that it looks stunning. the carbon fibre is also very good quality and is strong. However, iI that the motors are a bit over priced seeing the quality of the motors which I got and would recommend sunnysky or official T motor motors.


All in all I would recommend the airframe to people, as there are better, cheaper motors available on the market.  Other features which could be a game changer are that the max size propeller on the kit is 5 inches however you can get longer arms to add up to 6 inches. But for a frame of this price I would of hoped that this came as a standard.  If you are a beginner other cheaper frames may be a better alternative as the chances are that you will crash and it would become expensive pretty quickly. 

Flight time: 4/10

Suitablility for beginners: 6/10

FPV capability: 10/10

Value for money: 7/10

Strength: 9/10

Cheers guys ,have a good day and please subscribe to my youtube channel :) 

encourages me to make more content :)




RCPilot1234 on February 8, 2015
Great review Matt! Really informative and funny at the same time. Looking forward to more :)
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Captain Crash on February 12, 2015
your like a projared for RC if you don't know who he is Google it
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MattsRcReviews on February 12, 2015
Haha, thanks I guess :P please sub to my channel for more content soon :)
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Blackout Mini-H Review