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Alex brought in this tiny little quad and we loved it so much we bought enough to share. 

The Blade Nano QX comes BNF or RTF and even though it is small in stature, it flies just as dialed as any full sized quad. 

Chad also brought along the even SMALLER Estes Proto X. 

 Size comparison between the Proto X (far left) and the Nano QX.

If you can't already tell, this is Josh's happy face. 

So to make the challenge more interesting we introduced, "The Pink Eye of Sauron" A remote controlled LED pendulum of DEATH!

So who won the race? Who dominated the Eye? Watch the episode to find out! 

And if you can't already tell, this is David's happy face.


Thank you guys so much for your support through the store and through writing articles. You make this community what it is!


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rcflyer729 on January 20, 2014
I have one of these and i agree with David it is awesome
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jezmck on January 21, 2014
The Hubsan Q4 version has a far superior transmitter.
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superchamp123 on January 20, 2014
How did you color the Nano QX with the sharpie and still keep the graphics?
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MentalWhiplash on January 22, 2014
Josh, I remember you "trying" to be a cameraman when I was flying my nano qx at the Horizon Indoor. I still want to see that footage! Now you guys need to do a Gremlin reel of your attempts at aerobatics with it. It does actually flip nicely!
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PaladinDG on January 22, 2014
My son and I each have Nano QXs.... love these little guys. I think they are essential for anyone who wants to fly multi-rotors, especially when it is too cold outside. Thanks for sharing the fun... keep up the good work!
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clconner on February 4, 2014
Would love to see a supplemental video showing a flip. I've managed a couple weak ones with mine, but seems like a pro should be able to do it no problem.
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liveyourdreamsRC on January 20, 2014
I have one of these and they are great!
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Andrew C. on January 22, 2014
these things are absolutely indestructible i used this at my dads work place and had a ball shooting it down a hallway and wipping it around and coming back great fun avoiding potted plants too

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Markoid on January 22, 2014
Hubsan is a great product but I currently do most of my flying inside my apartment. The Nano Qx has these brilliant prop guards that let me bounce off the walls and continue to fly (in most cases).
This protects the props and the motors, I have hit the walls countless times and so far have not damaged either the Nano or the furnishings. :D
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Red20RC on January 23, 2014
Just too enticing! I had one on my doorstep within 48 hours of seeing this video :-)
I got the BNF version so I could bind it to my OrangeRX transmitter.
Considering I have never flown a quad before (although over 20 years with planes) it took me around 30 seconds to feel completely at home with it - it is so dialed in it's just perfect.

Certainly isn't helping me get any work done around here though...
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bbauter on February 4, 2014
Having my Nano QX for a while and running through batteries. I just bought the newer e-flite 45C discharge batteries. These make this quad even more fun to fly and recover from odd attitudes. They are a $1 more, but well worth the price.
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maximaal on January 20, 2014
gread video

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kagenotora on January 20, 2014
could you guys do an episode (even a short one) with beginner tips about the nano QX? got one for my birthday two weeks ago and still can't manage to get it to a hover it keeps going up slowly or going down rapidly, can't trim it too it always goes sideways one way or the other when i trim it (got a DX7 transmitter) it's my first multicopter :/
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TehMaxwell on January 20, 2014
Another awesome video! You guys make my Monday's and Wednesday's!
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dana2048 on February 23, 2014
A couple of guys had these at the indoor fly last week. They looked incredibly stable for a tiny quad. Then I read this FliteTest. Then I got my own at the WRAM show this weekend. It is the best micro quad that I have flown --
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FoamFlyinFool on January 20, 2014
hubsan X4 107 $40 RTF Amazon
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Slartibartfast1214 on February 1, 2014
Great show, guys! Been considering the transition for months but this product and your vid was what I needed to finally get off the pot! It arrives on Wednesday with spares shortly thereafter.
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Jtbluefeather on February 13, 2014
I just picked one of these up. It is a blast to fly, and though I am new at quads, this thing makes learning fun!
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Ano Pilot on April 8, 2014
UK. Bought one of these on Flite Test recommendation. Took it on a visit to my adult sons in Bristol and they love it. A very encouraging and reassuring experience. It actually has generated a bit of FATER AND SON dynamic. Who would have thought it. Well done for recommending it Josh David, Chad and Alex: and thanks. Santa is going to get them one each for Xmas.
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Bmoodz on December 27, 2014
Hey guys, Blade just came out with a new Nano Qx with FPV! Here is the link:

Please do a episode on it! If you buy the BNF version, you can bind to your dx6i controller to the quad, and the built in camera is compatible with any fatshark goggles!
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wanabeRCexpert on January 3, 2017
does Alex have a happy face?
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