Boston Bruins,Cadilacs, and Flite Test

by Kris McMillen | June 4, 2017 | (0) Posted in How To

Hello Flite Test people from all over the world.

This is supposed to be a how to article involving, how to cope. Sometimes life is throwing curves, knuckles, and fast balls, and we feel only ready to play slowpitch softball. So here is a method I love, RC. Why this hobby? Bruins can only play 110 games a season, 255 no Bruins hockey days per year. (82 reg season + possible 28 playoff games) Caddys, they're just on top of the speaker. And Flite Test, well, here's where the love starts to shine.

My name is Kris McMillen, and I'm dying of cancer, (not very well mind you) seeing as I'm also writing this article, the dying part seems to be eluding me. Long story..............condensed. Sept 2013, back pain, emergency dept, back pain, emergency dept, back forth, back forth. 5 or 6 times over the month. Then a Dr. that says you're here until I know what's wrong. Tests, scans, bloodwork, diagnosis. Metastisised Prostate Cancer. Spine and ribs, left leg, all effected. PSA {prostate specific antigen} 136.  For those who don't know, that level should be around 2, not 136. Anyway, Like the MS I was diagnosed with in 1993, or the 4 times my lungs collapsed in 1976 Right side twice, 1986 Left side twice, or the heart attack which required a stent on May 31, 2007 Knowing what is wrong means, knowing how to procceed. 

So the proccess for the cancer is RC build and tweak. Watch FliteTest, see Ben's C17 and all other such wonderful RC content which is available, watch some Bruce, (that's a shout out, I have relatives in NZ.)  I had my ground vehicles and was getting into helicopters when I got slowed down. Now being limited in the general getting around side of things I started watching more and learning more. Then I discovered Speed Build Kits, I want to keep playing this fiddle as long as I'm able. I have my mighty mini P51 ready with servos, installed ready for motor, esc, and receiver. Hand painted Nothing more than acrylics and brushes, nothing fancy here. 

She's underway. Looks like she wants to accend and go left already. (Or the hinge glue is cooling.)

173.30 gm (roughly 7 oz) Paint and 4, 9gm. Hextronic servos

As my brother says, that should stand out in the tall grass.

Heli builds, 450 size, 500 size, all of it in the interest of passing time enjoyably. The therapudic value of foam airplane creation is far more than can be expressly spoken about, because of it's simplicity. Lightweight materials, no stress or strain which a mere 5 lbs or more can create now. same with the tools, no more restrictions because of awkwardness or weight, this is truly a blessed hobby. Flight itself............................... ever since day 5 of creation, Gen:1,20, man wants to do what the bird does, FLY

and fly and fly somemore. As we can see with our Quad phenomenon and the cameras we employ. 

So when the day comes where your body says (I'm feeling the ravages of sin and I'm about to deteriorate) don't fret, seek out the thing that makes you tick and learn to cope, trials, tribulations, difficulties, these are but training grounds, there is nothing we could go through that could compare to what our sweet Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ went through for our sakes. The call is out there, the response is crucial, if your plane is airworthy it flies if not, it does not. If your faith is God trimming the control surfaces and we being humble enough to allow Him, that gives Him control over us, because we want to be the best we can be in the makers hands. If not we are throwing it all in His face and saying we know better.

Here we are in this super community of people, who all we do is ask each other for better ways, Gods way Love Him #1 Rule, Love everyone else, #2 Rule.

Our way, love me!!!  Tried it, doesn't work well at all, in fact our way really bites and ends up not able to cope. Take it from one who can cope.

Kris McMillen




steadfast4life on July 8, 2017
Hi Kris, greetings from a fellow Chris in Lincoln, NE. Your story and mine are in many ways similar. My love of flight was probably genetic. But my descent into darkness was my choice. It even swallowed my love of flight for years and almost swallowed me. Enter Jesus Christ into my world (though He was always there, I couldn't see Him). My life was spared through His love and friendship. My ascent out of darkness was long but sweet. Now I live in light and share that light with others as I gave my life to help others through ministry. As a bonus I received my love of flight back which is how I found Flitetest. I love scratch building and FPV flying. As my hope now awaits flight in Heaven. Though I probably won't get to meet you here on earth, take heart, we will be flying buddies in Heaven! Thanks for doing this article!
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amissall on July 10, 2017
awesome :)
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steadfast4life on July 8, 2017
P.S. That mini P-52 flies great. I love mine! It tracks on rails.
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Boston Bruins,Cadilacs, and Flite Test