How to Upgrade Your FT Simple Cub

by FliteTest | June 30, 2017 | (3 Ratings) Posted in How To



Now that you built your 3-channel FT Simple Cub, we wanted to give you a few optional upgrades to make your flight experience even better!


4-Channel Upgrade

With this upgrade, you will have the ability to control everything, including the aileron, throttle and rudder. (As always, watch video for details.)

  • Make the ailerons.
  • Make bevel cut and hot glue to reinforce.
  • Assemble control horns.
  • Rewire wing with all channels.
  • Check all channels.



Faux Bomb Drop Upgrade



Release Mechanism

  • Place servos.
  • Place zip ties through designated holes and hot glue.

Faux Bomb Assembly

  • Use two nickels as nose weights. Hot glue in the nose.
  • Slide two pieces together and hot glue.
  • Place zip ties.
  • Fasten bombs to wing.
  • Connect wires into servo.



Pontoon Floats




  • Clear out cavities.
  • Hot glue doublers on etch lines.
  • Line up middle piece—score cuts to holes.
  • Make B fold and hot glue. Repeat on both sides.
  • Make A fold on back and hot glue.
  • Bevel cut front.
  • Form first bottom piece and bevel cut.
  • Hot glue first bottom piece.
  • Hot glue second bottom piece.
  • Reinforce with tape or hot glue.


Landing Gear



  • Bend landing gear wires.
  • Place into doublers with hot glue.
  • Reinforce with hot glue.
  • Place barbecue skewers into smaller holes and hot glue.
  • Place wires into bigger holes with hot glue.
  • Make sure they’re even.
  • Last but not least, place pontoon floats onto fuselage!


Get the FT Simple Cub speed build kit here!

Get the FT Simple Cub get started kit here!

Get the FT Simple Cub plans here!

Get the FT Simple Cub pontoon floats here!

Get the FT Simple Cub lightning decals here!


We hope you like these three upgrades! Share some of your own upgrades with us in the comments below!


Talsharf on July 6, 2017
Great job guys!
I especially waited for the pontons to come, as where I live, there is a lot of water and lakes, and due to the new regulations, those places are more safer to fly.
I would suggest to inject the Ponton with isolation foam (can be found in any hardware store), it will prevent water from coming in, and will make it more solid and strong, without big increase in weight.
You just need to have 2 holes, one for the injection, and 1-2 on the other side (1cm diameter), for the ejection of the excess foam (it will expand inside).
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dkruger` on July 16, 2017
I finished my simple cub with flaps and cub logo on the tail. It is a blast to fly!
I wish there is an engine mock up similar to the one on the Sportster. I tried to copy it but that one is too big for the cub.
I would post pictures of my model but I don't see where to post them. You should have a link here.
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