FT Simple Cub

by FliteTest | June 26, 2017 | (21) Posted in News


Introducing the newest member of the Flite Test plane line-up: the FT Simple Cub!


The Simple Cub (formerly known as the Tubby Cubby) was designed to be built simply, flown simply, and basically be a ton of fun.



There were a couple iconic planes this is designed after. The first is the ParkZone Super Cub LP, which is a staple for thousands of people in the hobby. Also, the Blu-Baby 24, which was a design featured on RCGroups.com. Both of these planes, however, are parts intensive. The Super Cub you can’t scratch build and the Blu-Baby is more of an advanced scratch build.



Our desire with designing the FT Simple Cub was to make it as simple as possible—it only takes under an hour to build and is composed of only 11 pieces of foam board. The Simple Cub can be made a 3- or 4-channel airplane, so basically, the plane can grow with the pilot.



The best part? It’s incredibly easy and simple (can you tell we like that word?) to fly! Even the most beginner pilot will have success flying the Simple Cub.  



Guess what? We also designed floats for you to take off on the water! Stay tuned for the FT Simple Cub design and floats design!


Buy your own FT Simple Cub speed build kit here!


Have you flown something like the Simple Cub yet? What are you most excited about this build?


torq5252 on June 26, 2017
Plans? It always feels like I'm being left out when the new designs are released for sale but the plans aren't released at the same time. At least give us the overall length, wing chord and AUW so we can get a 3 view and fudge it!!! lol
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hsousa on June 30, 2017
Available on the "DIY FT Simple Cub | Build" page !! :D :D hooray
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SP0NZ on June 26, 2017
@torq5252, the build videos and free plans always follow on Wednesday after the release videos on Monday. I bet a lot of people are amped for this one. Plans are almost done and should be available on Wednesday. Hold on for 2 more days. ;)
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BigDean65 on June 26, 2017
I am so glad this one is being released! This is exactly what I have been looking for!!!
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TurtlesThatFly on June 26, 2017
I wish they made depron planes! ☹
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DKchris on June 27, 2017
I've made several of their designs with 6mm depron. I just scale up to 125% and use tape to cover/hinge etc. Up until now they all came out surprisingly close to the originals in DTF in AUW, so I've actually flown mine succesfully on about the same power line as described in the plans, despite the size difference. On the floaty side, admittedly.
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dr_nick on June 26, 2017
When will speed build kits be available in Europe via graupner? Do they laser cut and package themselves or do we have to wait for a big shipment to them from FliteTest? Man i wish i had a laser. And a 3d printer!
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dr_nick on September 12, 2017
any news on this?
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2012WingDadOK on June 27, 2017
Of course lots of cub plans are available and The Super Cub is no longer available from Horizon so the plans for this are much anticipated!
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MoHawkins on July 5, 2017
When can we expect the plans for the floats, please?
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MoHawkins on July 6, 2017
Will there be plans for the floats? I'm opening some really weird sites looking for them -some not suitable for kids to see (I'm over 70 so they don't interest or bother me!) but I would like to build the floats!
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ccdman on July 13, 2017
I am just finishing up my first ever Flite Test build thanks to the outstanding instructions provided by Josh. Question # 1:
Since I am a newbie, maybe I should not start out with Power Pack "C" ( > 2 LB thrust ). I do have am Emaxx CF2822 - the manufacturer's webpage recommends a 10 X 4.7 prop. This motor is part of Power Pack "B", and the supplied prop is 8 X 4.5.
Questions # 2:
What All up Weight should I I shoot for ? With my propensity for crashing, I want to stretch the model's life by adding a few braces, fiber tape etc., but I want to stay within reasonable limits.

Thanks !
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FT Simple Cub