Announcing the FT Simple Cub! | FTP 164

by FliteTest | June 15, 2017 | (0) Posted in Podcasts


Horizon Hobby Trip

Josh, Austin, Alex and Stefan had the opportunity to go to Horizon RC Fest, meet the Horizon Hobby team and fly some of their planes including: the X-Vert, Commander, Carbon Z Cessna 150 and Apprentice. It was an incredible experience and our team looks forward to flying with the Horizon Hobby team again in the future!


FT Simple Cub

The FT Simple Cub is the newest creation from Josh Bixler. Originally it was coined the "Tubby Cubby," but the team decided to change it to the FT Simple Cub to express the vision behind the build: for it to not only be simple to build, but also simple to fly. It is a plane that takes approximately an hour to build because of only having 11 pieces of foam. When we shared this build with the Flite Test Forum, we have been hearing that this may possibly be one of the most popular and best selling designs to date! What an exciting prospect! Stay tuned for more information and the build video in the near future. In the meantime, check out our vlog on its maiden flight.


DIY Gremlin Forum Thread

If you've not had the chance, make sure you sign up for the Flite Test Forum so you can stay up-to-date on cool ideas, new projects and connect with other people passionate about all aspects of flight! We've had a fantastic thread going (340 posts strong!) that talks about everything FT Gremlin including a myriad of frame designs (3d printed, carbon fiber, wooden, etc.). We're loving what we're seeing, so keep up the good work! 

Join the thread here!


Community Showcase

Nick (Micro_builder on the FT forum) built a Micro Balsa FT Cruiser! And we've been admiring it quite a bit. 


  • 12 in wingspan
  • 1/32 in fuselage and tail
  • 1/16 in balsa wing
  • 6mm motors (thrust differential steering)
  • AUW w/ 50mAh 16.3g

Learn more here!


As always, thanks for being the greatest community of people that support us here at Flite Test! Without you, none of what we do could be possible! 


TurtlesThatFly on June 16, 2017
Once the plans come out I will instantly build one.
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Jeremiah M on June 29, 2017
When do they come out
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hsousa on June 27, 2017
Any idea when the plans will be available for download ?
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the impossible game on July 6, 2017
Thanks for your sharing. Hope you will be more successful in this area. the impossible game

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oldensly on October 5, 2017
Much to see, much to learn, having a ball with flite test planes, Spitfire, Simple trainer, Sparrow, SE5. I use Fly Sky radio's and have had no problems whatsoever. Their receivers are very inexpensive and very reliable.
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emilysmith on May 3, 2018
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Mayank on May 10, 2018
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James Ban on May 14, 2018
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Announcing the FT Simple Cub! | FTP 164