Budget TBS Discovery Long Range with Aimdroix Arms

by IflyQuad | June 16, 2016 | (0) Posted in Reviews

The video for this article can be found below.



Part 1 : The Frame 

For the frame I am currently using a stock TBS Discovery non-pro version.  This is attached to the AIMDROIX aluminium arms(US $21.99).  They are a little bit steep in price but the quality really shows through.  They are lightweight and stable which is an unusual but welcome combination.


I am currently mounting a Hobbyking gimbal with a 3d printed adapter and it works fairly well.   It has little vibration and good correction for a 23 dollar gimbal.


Part 2 : The Power System


For the power system I am currently using Multistar 4114 320 kv motors(US $37.94) spinning carbon fiber 15x5.5in props.  The motors had a slight whine to them when I ran them without the props but after mounting the props they ran quiet and from about 20 yards away the copter is almost silent.

Spinning the motors are 40A HobbyWing ESCs(US $11.90).   They are really good for the price but lack some features such as the ability to reverse motor direction through the beep menu but they make up for that in the smoothness and default timing.

I am also currently running a series system of two 4200mah 3s lipo batteries making them a six cell.  This was because I was able to pick up a truckload of them during the 3dr clearance sale in December.

The flight controller is currently an APM 2.6  but I am looking to change that in the near future.


Part 3 : Final Thoughts 

For me, this has been a dream build ever since I started this hobby around two and a half years ago.  The Aimdroix arms allow it to be a more affordable and easier to set up approach to running 15in props on a DJI style frame and are a must buy for anyone looking to build a long range system.



carlosfpv507 on August 21, 2017
Hi, you said you are using 4114 320 kv motors? I'm currently using 2212 1000kv motors with stock arms and 10x4 props. Would I see any advantage with lower kv motors, even lower as yours? Thanks!!!
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Budget TBS Discovery Long Range with Aimdroix Arms