Build Tips - Avengers Helicarrier

by FliteTest | January 14, 2015 | (14) Posted in Tips


Peter and Josh opening the show, and getting ready to dive into the building process of the Helicarrier

Peters Helicarrier V1, slightly smaller in size, but a part of the inspiriation for his Helicarrier V2.

The Helicarrier at Horizon Indoor, limping along as Peter described it.

The material used for the hull of the ship.

Peters recommended knife, a 12 point snap-off knife.

A little trick, taping the knife on the box to get an even cut.

Peter mounting the motors to the aluminium spare. He used a U shaped spar.

Getting the bar through the hull required a heatgun and patience. Slowly pushing the hot metal through the foam.

Don't forget to reinforce your spare some wooden cut-outs.

Peter used the thickest green foamguard he could buy to put together the ducts.

You know that mad scientist grin you get when your evil creation works? Yeah Peters most definetly got that. We cannot stress enough to be careful if you try to replicate this. Motors and knives don't go together like peas in a pod.

Apply the craft paper to waterproof the ducts.

The interior skeleton, with supports to help prevent any twisting.

Originally it was a quadcopter, but in need of more power, the guys at Avroto sent Peter a carepackage to transform the Helicarrier into an octocopter.

The life of the machine, hand made by Peter himself. Four 5000MA 3s's.

Just the Helicarrier showing off its ability to float, then take off out of the water.

Josh wraps up this episode with Peter, and asking everyone to give their ideas for future will it fly episodes.



More info on Waterproofing Your Airplane:


Thanks again guys for supporting us here at Flite Test, and giving us the opportunity to try crazy ideas like this. 

Leave your comments below with some suggestions for cool aircraft from your favorite movie, show, comic, or whatever makes you want to ask, Will it Fly?


buhatkj on January 16, 2015
what size and spec motors are they?
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Grearson on January 14, 2015
Hey Peter, could you add an Electronics List? I guess not only me is tempted to reproduce a Monster like this =)
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Rust15 on January 14, 2015
Ditto that! It wasn't bad watching it again though.... :)
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coolguy87 on March 12, 2015
plz do an in depth vid of the whole thing i want to build one with some improvements but i'm unsure on the how you set up the electronics. the frame setup was helpful but i'm not sure what to do so again plz do a more in depth vid

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lark95 on January 14, 2015
sorry if i am wrong, but is this video any different from Mondays video?
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FliteTest on January 14, 2015
Hehe thanks for noticing, should be fixed now.
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sailorJohn on January 14, 2015
Peter mentioned paper bag material for covering but when I tried a heavier brown paper I ended up with a extremely rough surface. A roll of Masking paper seemed to provide the best result. and when I have to cut into the surface I find that the surface will chip along the cut ,so finish should be applied last.
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sailorJohn on January 14, 2015
Peter seems be able to cut slits around a curved surface but after I make 2 or 3 cuts my scissors loads up or my razor quits cutting then tearing. Maybe storing the scissors in a glass of water would help.
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gh0st on January 15, 2015
Want to build Peters X-19 Hummingbird Check this out:
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lusid666 on January 15, 2015
This was mentioned in a post on monday and its something I have been thinking about for a while, How about trying to build a quad using EDF's?
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Willsonman on January 15, 2015
Great write-up. One critique... They are aluminum SPARS. S.P.A.R. A Spare is something in your trunk. If this were to be google translated you would have some very confused folks.
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asoulsdream on January 14, 2015
Plz do an indepth video about how u apply the paper with the minwax to the foam, thanks and keep up the awesomeness!!!!!!!!
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sailorJohn on January 14, 2015
I agree.
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nicktutttle on January 20, 2015
I love the experimental approach! I'd like to see some experiments ducting thrust from say, a single 10-12in prop to 4 ducts to control like a quad, or embedding props into a wing like the new robocop drones and ducting the thrust for forward flight?

Also, experimenting with pivoting and angled props, asymmetrical and overlapping configurations (like the recent hover bike), mixing different prop sizes, and adding control surfaces to multi-rotors sounds fun!
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CommentsGuy on August 2, 2015
For the planes to land more easily, add a piece of string to the start of the landing runway. On the actual planes add a tail with a fairly large hook. Enough to hook the string to stop the plane on the helicarrier. Be a good experiment and a step forward.
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Build Tips - Avengers Helicarrier