Avatar Gunship

by FliteTest | November 14, 2011 | (14) Posted in Projects

In this episode of Flite Test, watch as the team shows you an amazing aircraft built from scratch! This isn't a plane, and this isn't a helicopter. Its an Avatar Gunship! 

See more on this build project in our build article here!


flyingryan on May 13, 2012
wow a bit unstable there likes to shift a lot back and forth. my tri will be smoother heeeyaaaa
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MadFish on April 25, 2012
Do you guys break stuff in every video?
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stonekap on May 11, 2012
Pretty much ;)
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hele559 on December 16, 2013
nice attention to detail, plans?
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BUZZVIEW on May 11, 2014
Hi guys,

James here from the UK, aka BUZZVIEW. I have just joined your site, but have been following your exploits for some time. Fantastic work from you chaps! Your enthusiasm is infectious and your engineering skills brilliant.

Regarding the Avatar gunship project, I have an idea that might help with the stability issue, specifically when accelerating and decelerating. What might help is having a movable tailplane; i.e. an all moving stabiliser linked to the the forward/aft vector of both main rotors. By that I mean, as the aircraft decelerates with the main motor's combined thrust vector aft of the vertical thrust line, the stabiliser would tilt down, producing fairly high drag and a nose-down pitch moment to counter the induced pitch up moment from the aft thrust vector.

A good example of this is a real Blackhawk helicopter. As the helicopter decelerates you will see that the stabilator automatically deploys in order to counter pitch up, enabling the pilots to continue to have a clear view ahead and below. Conversely, as the aircraft accelerates and transitions from the hover the aircraft will want to pitch down, so the stabiliser will need to move to a 0 degree pitch.

A tricky bit of engineering, but maybe you could interconnect the the stabiliser to the froward/aft main motors servo?

Keep up the amazing work.

Cheers for now,

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RickH on January 16, 2015
How about a simple mechanical gyro in the body?
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Avatar Gunship