HobbyZone Champ Challenge

by FliteTest | November 16, 2011 | (11 Ratings) Posted in Challenges

Flite Test has another sponsor! In this episode Josh and Josh compete with the HobbyZone Champ. This amazing little plane is an easy flyer. Watch as Josh and Josh challenge each other to do a touch and go off the trampoline in the backyard. Watch to see how we even the odds between the noob and the veteran.


Jackman on August 19, 2012
This is the BEST plane to start out on !
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mike272 on September 7, 2012
Was wondering if you know if it is normal for the shaft on the propeller to be bent a little? Not sure if it bent from a crash or was made that way.
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Aces_High on October 20, 2012
Yes that compensates for the power of the engine.
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Zeb Ludlow on December 4, 2014
This is my 1st plane.Also it is my 1st Flite Test episode!

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AlexTheAviator on May 7, 2016
this is my first plane. It is a great plane. If you crash it it will only hurt the foam. It is super easy to fix if something does break. Best Trainer out there.

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Kick_A_Puppy on August 23, 2016
The new Champ S+ is out! How about a review and a rematch?
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