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I have never built an airliner before so I decided to build one by finding a sketch plan on the web.

it will be a boeing 737-500 wingspan 118 cm length 125 cm

entirely built with depron, 6 mm for the fuselage as well as for the wing and 3 mm for the formwork of the fuselage.

the wing is reinforced with a carbon rod of 1 m and 6 mm in diameter as well as rods of square pine 5 mm by 1 m

for the motorization I am going to use EDF turbines of 64 mm 12 blades in 4S with QX 2822 3500 KV motor of 770 watts with a thrust of 1250 grams each.

I voluntarily oversized the engine because on my land I can only do hand throwing and the hand throwing of planes with turbines requires a strong momentum at the start with a lot of power so that the turbines reach their efficiency

the expected weight of the aircraft is 1500 grams with a 2200 mAh 50C 4S battery, two 60 Amp ESCs and the two turbines.

first you have to cut out all the pieces of depron and assemble the fuselage

after that you have to assemble the wing and put the turbines in place, the aileron servos and run the wiring inside the wing before shuttering it

then it is necessary to form and glue the fuselage and finish the electrical connections (servos, esc, receiver) and test the functioning of the rudder / elevator / ailerons and the direction of rotation of the turbines.

the wing is secured to the fuselage by nylon screws and self-drilling nuts on plywood and pine cleats at the front

then you have to sand the leading edges of the wings, the elevator and the fin

do not forget to synchronize the two turbines

and here is my first airliner is finished

if you want more details do not hesitate to ask me

and now the maiden

at the end of the flight the wires between the turbines and the ESCs melted, too thin, but no major damage.

I will add other videos when the weather is better and the confinement here in France will be less restrictive for model aircraft

A  new flight with new wires, the sound is crazy


AeroErgo on December 19, 2020
Nice project, i am thinking in build a airliner too, but a Sud Aviation Caravelle ... good flights!

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Spacemonkeykj on December 22, 2020
NICE JOB!! nice to see some fellow airliner fans around here !!
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