Camera / Battery mount from computer parts

by exanko | April 30, 2013 | (0) Posted in Projects

Hi guys,
This is my firs post there. I started wit x525 quadcopter from goodluckbuy. I made my camera/battery mount simply because i dont like the orginal battery mount. Everithing is made from old computer parts. All you need is MSI GTX260 GPU and easy clips froms Thermaltake armor JR case (they holding pci cards in place). I made small video and photo tutorial.

So here is the video.

First step is to unscrew the bottom plate from GTX260. This plate will be our base. Base is from aluminium, so its pretty light weight.

 Mounting holes are slightly on one side, so i mark cutting line with tape and cut of the excess.

 Than i cut the locking tips on easy clips and screw/glue them to base plate

.Than i made reduction between camera/battery mount and x525 frame

Reduction is bolted to the x525 frame with M3 bolts. I placed two nuts between them, so frame arms are still foldable

The last task is to drill holes to plastic easy clicks and zip tied them to reductions

Plastic knees on easy clicks are perfect vibration reduction. But it is weak part too. You can break knees and put only C shape part between reduction and base. If you do that, you will get extra 1cm between ground and camera/battery mount.

Here is final product.


 Vent holes in plate are great place for Turnigy velcro

That was my firs post. I hope you like it and iam looking forward to your comments here on flite test or at youtube.



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Camera / Battery mount from computer parts