cardboard Challenger space shuttle= build

by Adam Buildtip | May 26, 2013 | (5) Posted in Projects




this is the build of the space shuttle

sorry for bad English (I am from Slovakia) 

cut the edges

measure horisontal 34cm and vertical 2 cm and draw it

measure vertical 4 cm from the line before and draw horizontal 32cm , than line the edges with the previous line

than measure vertical 21 cm form the hollow  and horizontal 15 cm


than measure vertical 4cm from the line that you drew before and horizontal 14 cm and than line the edgeswith the previous line

than cut it out

sand it with a sandpaper 180





tape the edges

take a big cardboard

 lay the wing on the cardboard


match the hollow at the wing with the cardboard


cut the second wing

match it

cut the rest of the wing/ on the edge of the wing 3cm and on the other side 7cm

tape it


when you have it take a fan and heat  the tape


bent the edges

take hot glue and glue two parts of the wing

when you have it take a cardboard and draw a triangel vertical 32 cm and horizontal 14 cm

cut it out


make two parts

tape the edges and glue two parst together

 glu them on the wing

now fuselage


take a cardboard

make with knife hollows and bend it

 make three stripes and glue them with the fue.


place it on the space shuttle

make vertical stabilizer

cut a line  and slide in the vertical stabilizer



 make the front of space shuttle

thanks for taking time to watch my build of space shuttle

if you want to build this plane i recommend using foamboard :)




































Zpack on June 4, 2013
Nice work man! any plans to make it fly?
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Adam Buildtip on June 4, 2013
yes I am waiting for the elektronics
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TheRCNewbie on June 4, 2013
That is so cool, man!
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planemad man on June 4, 2013
nice build
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planemad man on June 4, 2013
jauka būvēt
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Arend on June 4, 2013
Nice, I would love to see it fly!
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NoUsername on June 4, 2013
Outstanding job and very good photos.
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Rc Mania Cyprus on June 4, 2013
Are you living in Greece or Cyprus?On one of the pictures there is a label with greek on it.BTW i am from Cyprus.
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c.sitas on June 4, 2013
Great job my friend. You should be thinking about making your living designing such things . you have the talent
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Adam Buildtip on June 4, 2013
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zvada on June 5, 2013
Impressive my friend! you should consider trying your next design with some Adam's Foam board! If you can make a space shuttle out of cardboard, who knows what you would do with the foam board! keep up the good work

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EndoftheRoadRC on June 21, 2013
Haha thats awesome, look forward to the maiden,..good luck
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cardboard Challenger space shuttle= build