Catching up with Scott Zimmerman from Air Bears

by FliteTest | April 21, 2016 | (6) Posted in Podcasts

We check in with Scott Zimmerman who founded which is a volunteer search and rescue operation using RC pilots. listen in to find out the trials and tribulations,what they have learned in there first year and whats on the horizon.



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Airbears website


a rescue with Airbears pilot Garret Bryl

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RotorAce on April 21, 2016
First comment! Great podcast guys!
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Kurt0326 on April 22, 2016
Doing some surfing and found another drone volunteer group. Have you guys in Airbears meet the SARdrones volunteers?
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ScottyZ on April 26, 2016
Several of our members are also members of SARdrones (SWARM), But unlike Air Bears, SWARM is not an official organization. We reached out to them in the interest of cooperation. Their leader said he would think about it. That was 4 months ago.
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Catching up with Scott Zimmerman from Air Bears