Cheapest Way to Learn to Fly | Paramotor Solo

by FliteTest | June 2, 2017 | (0) Posted in Just Fun


We're back at Aviator PPG and the Flite Test crew finally gets to attempt their first solo. 


Everything the team learned during their training with Aviator PPG was put into practice as they soared through the air with a wing and motor attached to their back. 

What we love about flying with Aviator is that once you get the on-the-ground training, you aren't left to your own devices when taking your first solo. They talk you through each step in a headset, which enables you to have the safest and most successful (and fun!) flight you can possibly have. 

Although this is the least expensive way to get into general aviation, it still requires a decent amount of training. We emphasize taking a course like Aviator PPG's in order to ensure that you are 100 percent ready to fly through the air with skill.

Stay tuned as we prepare for the next solos with the Aviator team and become even more experienced paramotor pilots!

Learn more about Aviator PPG here.


What is your experience wtih the paramotor sport? Would you try this? 


Pete7694 on June 6, 2017
I just watched this and the entire time I had tears in my eyes and was crying not only because of the beautiful scenery and sunset but because you guys did your first solos. What an awesome experience, congratulations guys on a job well done. After watching you guys go through this training really makes me want to try it.
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Cheapest Way to Learn to Fly | Paramotor Solo