Human Kite | Paramotoring Tow Winch Training

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And we’re back at paramotor training with Aviator PPG! This time, the team has become human kites!


Just kidding. But in all seriousness, the winch tow (the trainee is strapped to a winch tow and their wing is pulled by a truck) aspect of training is incredibly important because it is the first time a person is lifted into the air with a wing to get a feel for how much input is needed to take off, steer and land.



Aviator PPG has taken the team that went to Florida through extensive training to ensure their safety and preparedness before strapping a motor and wing to their backs for their solo flights.



The main purpose of this step in training is to teach paramotor students how it will feel being lifted into the air with a wing in a controlled environment. They also learn how much input is needed to keep the wing stable. After the winch tow, Aviator PPG takes students back to HQ to review the footage to show what went well and what needs improved.



We are consistently blown away with how thorough their training is and are impressed with the emphasis on safety while still participating in a unique and exciting sport.

Check out Aviator PPG’s website to learn more about the paramotor sport and to sign up for their classes!


Have you ever learned how to paraglide or paramotor? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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Human Kite | Paramotoring Tow Winch Training