Circle Plane Challenge w/ QAV250

by FliteTest | October 27, 2014 | (24) Posted in Challenges

Check out the QAV 250 HERE!

A lot of people were interested in the Lumenier QAV250 that we flew in our Amazon Air Drop episode. 

We brought it back by popular demand and though we would go a little deeper into this miniquad. 

We purchased the updated RTF version. This frame is full 3k carbon fiber and the props are carbon fiber as well. 

Also, we grabbed the custom hardcase with it. The case isn't included with the kit but is extremely tough and cradels the quad perfectly. It's worth the extra money to help protect your mini. 

We didn't want Peter to feel left out of this episode so we had him develop a challenge for Josh and Alex. 

He scratch built this annular wing design from a 200% Simple Soarer fuselage. We spent countless man hours and money trying to develop a name for this design. After multiple revisions the best we could do is....Circle Plane. 

So the challenge was then, who can fly their mini through the Circle Airplane the most? 

Even though the wind was less than desireable, and the plane flew like a diva, we had a great time with this design. Thanks again to Peter who never seems to run out of crazy ideas. 


If you want to check out more from Lumenier you can visit their Offical Website to see all of their awesome quads. 


Thanks for your continued support! Keep your suggestions and challenges coming! 


andre on October 27, 2014
Great stuff guys!

I've been having so much fun with my little 250 Quad as well. Tough frame!
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flying farmer on October 28, 2014
awsome!! Looks like tons of fun. Good to see David again. Something about things just almost not working adds to the fun of watching.
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PropSpinner on October 27, 2014
At first I thought, "shoot, another quadcopter". Then Peter walks in with the circle plane and you had my attention back. Awesome episode guys!
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Timmy P on October 28, 2014
Hey ya gotta have diversity to keep every one happy ya know.. If you count back 24 episodes only 3 of them have copters lol.. shoot.
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Crazy68 on October 28, 2014
Great job! That looks like a tough little quad. Great to see David back he brings so much to the team!
Got one for ya;
I have been seeing alot of people taking these $8 Hobby Lobby gliders and modifying them to RC. I would like to see what you guys could do with that! Maybe like a jet or something.
Also, are you guys coming to the Horizon indoor 2014 in Columbus?

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Spitfiremk16 on October 27, 2014
Great work guys! This episode without a doubt has some of the best aerial video I have seen you guys do thus far! Looks like alot of fun too! Well fun to fly through the circle but not fun to fly the circle! Lol
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Yogenh on October 30, 2014
I love it. It is so much fun to watch the things that you do. I like the plane maybe could come up with one something like that.
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Bill Pihl on October 27, 2014
I can hardly wait for Mondays and to see what happens next. POFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sajnin on October 27, 2014
Did you guys see David in the back ground?
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Flying Fox on October 28, 2014
Yes i did and can't wait to see him more in these videos
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sajnin on October 30, 2014
Me To!
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khattak on October 30, 2014
The planes wings are more of a ellipse so call the plane The Ellipse
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Jaxx on October 28, 2014
This was an awesome episode. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those tri-copters! Great to see David having fun with the FT crew again.
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American F3A on November 1, 2014
What is your FPV setup in the qav250???
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jpleaner on October 28, 2014
Definitely one of the coolest challenges you guys have done of a while! I didn't stop smiling for the whole vid!

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SGRacer on October 28, 2014
Love the challenge! Keep them coming. These are way more entertaining to watch than reviews. I have told 3 non R/C friends that ended up loving it! Keep them coming. Keep them coming.
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Tengushi on October 28, 2014
That was just A W E S O M E!!! Couldn't stop smiling! great Job and nice to see David!!!
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Circle Plane Challenge w/ QAV250