Clean LaForge Fat Shark Instalation

by RotoRex | February 4, 2017 | (0) Posted in How To


I recently received the LaForge receiver with diversity module. I then began looking at how to install them into my FatShark goggles. After doing some research I found a lot of people using 3D printed door covers with the LaForge module but I didn’t like how it looked. The 3D printed covers tuck out from the goggles and a lot of people had issues with fit and finish of the doors. Eventually I came across a picture from CrazyJ showing an install using the original FatShark doors that I really liked. He didn’t give much information on how to do the modification so I decided to give it a try and let all of you know how to do it. Hope you enjoy.


Opening your goggles and performing this modification will void the warranty. Please proceed at your own risk.


Getting the LaForge main module to fit into the goggles requires extensive modification of the original FatShark door. There are four major things that need to be done. First, the hole for the sma connector needs to be enlarged due to the slightly different placement than the standard nexwave modules. Second, a large hole needs to be cut into the door to allow access to the buttons and make the screen visible. Third, the ridges on the back of the door need to be removed due to the fact that the LaForge module is thicker than the standard nexwave modules. Finally one of the four tabs that holds the door onto the goggles needs to be removed. Below I have included an image comparing the original and modified door covers that you can use as a reference to see what needs to be cut away and modified.


The diversity module requires significantly less modification to the door than the main module, however it does require more complicated modification of the internals of the goggles. The only modification needed to the head tracker bay door is to cut a hole for the sma connector to fit through. Below is a picture of the original and modified door for the diversity side.

Next, he interior of the head tracker bay needs to be modified to allow the diversity module to fit. A small section of plastic needs to be removed as shown in the image below.

Before you place the diversity module into the bay make sure that you insulate the module by wrapping it in electrical tape. This will ensure that the module does not short on any of the electronics in the head tracking bay. Also, you will need to snip the wires coming out of the back of the buzzer to be flush with the module. If you do not cut these wires the door will not fit back onto the goggles.


After these steps have been followed you can then reassemble the goggles with the LaForge modules fitting nicely under the original doors. The end result is a super clean installation that looks like it is meant to be there. I hope you all enjoyed. Happy modding!


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Clean LaForge Fat Shark Instalation