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by nerdnic | January 26, 2017 | (13) Posted in Projects


Hi friends.

This 800 Series plane packs a huge punch. It's an extremely agile and responsive platform that makes for a great 3rd plane. If you enjoy how the FT Spitfire or FT Mustang fly then you'll love this plane. The smaller size benefits from reduced build time without compromising on the performance you expect. It can handle power systems ranging from a race quad 2204 motor all the way to pushing 1200 watts of power on a 3536.

No compromise. Just perfect power and perfect performance.

If you like this design then perhaps you’ll like some of my others as well.




31.5in | 800mm
26in | 660mm
Airframe - 220g
Find all links here -
MOTOR - NTM 28-26 1350kv + Hardware
PROP - 8x6 APC
ESC - 30a Dynam
BATTERY - 1000mah 3S - 2200mah 3S

ADVANCED (80mph)
MOTOR - NTM 28-36 2200kv + Hardware
PROP - 7x6 APC
ESC - 60a Dynam
BATTERY - 2200mah 40c 3S

SPEED (85-120mph)
MOTOR - NTM 35-36 1800kv + Hardware
PROP - 7x7 APC
ESC - 80a Dynam
- 85mph - 2200mah 40c 3S
- 120mph - 2200mah 65c 4S
SERVOS - 12g Emax ES08MA II metal gear
Beginner – You’ve never flown a plane before, let alone done a scratch build
Novice – You’ve flown a plane but have no experience with scratch building
Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before
Advanced – You’ve mastered the standard FT build style and are looking for a new challenge

Expert – You’ve mastered all build techniques and aren't afraid to improvise or tackle tedious builds

This is a intermediate to advanced build.
8 Plastic BBQ reinforcements
5 Control rods
5 Control horns
4 12" BBQ Skewers
3 Coffee straws
3 DTFB (20"x30")
1 Poster board
1 Clear plastic overhead transparency (OPTIONAL)
1 Firewall
1 Basswood 1/8" x 3 x 24"



nnSpitfire 800 Series Plans




Thanks for checking out the 800 Series nnSpitfire! If you built one of my planes and enjoyed it please consider donating a few bucks so I can buy more supplies to make more great planes.


808aerosquadron on February 6, 2017
Your original Spitfire is a great plane. Well done on the updated version. She looks awesome.
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quimney on February 5, 2017
Very nice looking plane Nic! All of your planes are tempting but I fear this one is too much to resist. I may just have to build one, I'll find a place to keep it even if I have to crash one of my others to make room.
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Goose on February 11, 2017
Love your planes Nic, still finishing off the p-39 then I'll be onto the spitfire!!
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Air-headed Aviator on February 6, 2017
Its official, I really have got to build this plane and the P-39. Get me my foamboard!

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Jordan3367 on February 6, 2017
Well done! That's one sharp looking plane. :)
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JamesWhomsley on February 7, 2017
Rated! Nice one again Nic. Super stoked to fly this soon but the weather is still terrible in the UK - I'm not really helping the stereotype about it always raining here! I may have to build another while I'm waiting. There are a few things I want to try out on the new one. I'm thinking about modifying the plans to make another MK of the Spitfire. I'll be sure to post them on the build thread if I do. :) Cheers.
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hyderabadescort on July 26, 2021
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nerdnic | nnSpitfire 800 Series