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by FliteTest | February 6, 2017 | (7) Posted in News

Guess what, friends? We have a brand-new DIY airplane now available for you to build! The FT Pietenpol is a design that Josh B. is particularly proud of because he also owns a full-sized version of this vintage aircraft.

The original Pietenpol was designed by Bernard Pietenpol in the 1920s. When he designed this plane, he did it with the desire to make it accessible for other aviation enthusiasts to not only fly it with ease, but also build it themselves. Back then they could even build it for approximately $500; today you can build it for under $10,000. 

With Pietenpol’s legacy in mind, his own fond memories with his father flying in the Pietenpol and because of his passion to provide unique DIY planes to the RC community, Josh created the FT Pietenpol

Believe it or not, this mini’s airframe can be built out of Adams Readi-Board foam board along with barbecue skewers, popsicle sticks and other easily attainable items—making the frame total cost less than $10. Electronics are also affordable when you purchase our recommended electronics pack and radio.

We at Flite Test would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fantastic Beta Builder team’s support in making our planes come into fruition. What makes this team so important is they evaluate the build and flight experiences of the FT kits, then give us feedback so we can perfect them before releasing to the public.

During our filming of the FT Pietenpol in Florida we had the opportunity to fly it with one of our very own Beta Builders, Joel Cannon, as well as our Aviator PPG friend, Eric Farewell.

Big thanks to Aviator PPG who made it possible for us to legally fly our minis at a beautiful airport. P.s. check out a General Aviation video about Aviator PPG here.

Get your own FT Pietenpol KIT!

Stay tuned the FT Pietenpol build video later this week!

FT Pietenpol specs:


kb0bnz on February 6, 2017
I have wanted one of these for a long time sense i was into nitro THANKYOU
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oldensly on November 2, 2017
This is a lovely little plane. I am going to build a second one, it is so cute. Flies like a dream too.
It is easy to build as well.
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DIY Mighty Mini Pietenpol | Flite Test