049 FT Mighty Minis, Heli-Carrier and more!

by FliteTest | October 31, 2014 | (12) Posted in Podcasts

If you are interested, you can check out Andrew's book at: launchingpaper.com
In this episode Josh, Austin and Peter talk about the Flite Test Mighty Minis! We wanted to make some seriously durable planes for the indoor season and I think we succeeded.
Jen Bixler also took a moment out of her busy day to join the podcast to discuss some very exciting developments on Flite Test Store apparel! Some really fun stuff is coming by early December! We also talk about Peter's insane Heli-Carrier and how that project is coming along. Thanks for tuning in. 

Audio Link

Josh and Josh chatting about the new FT Mighty Minis speed build kit releases!


Flite Test Hoodies are coming to the Store very soon! Along with lots of other neat appearal. :)

Examples from Andrew's book!

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kah00na on November 1, 2014
I've been waiting in line for the hoodies since I saw Josh wearing one in the videos.
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PaladinDG on November 1, 2014
Me too... I wanted one so bad I had one made at a local shop!! A little pricey, but worth it!!
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FliteTest on November 1, 2014
They should be in stock very soon!
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earthsciteach on November 1, 2014
I'm excited for the new apparel! Way to go, Jen!!!

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hotwax on November 1, 2014
Foamboard stocks in Europe, what a great idea!

I'm sitting and waiting with my sharpend exacto knife and boiling glue gun ....

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Epitaph on November 1, 2014
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Burly on November 1, 2014
You need to try "Model Plane Foam". It is a product that was brought to market by three RC foamy enthusiasts in Michigan. They went to Adam's foam for a paperless product. It comes in 6mm thickness in a 2'x4' form factor sold 16 sheets to the box. It costs $65 for a box shipped free anywhere in the 48 states. An equivalent amount of white Depron (shipped) would cost twice between $130 to $142 depending on the color.

So price wise (in the continental US):
Dollar Tree is about $0.25 per square foot.
Model Plane Foam is $0.50 per square foot.
Depron is about $1.00 per square foot.

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dktheflyer on November 2, 2014
you should really come to Kansas especially if he started a stem program here. mabey like overland park.
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jimmykobler21 on November 2, 2014
The heli-carrier is an awesome idea! An appropriate name for it should be "The Hulk" :D
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dholcomb on November 2, 2014
Any of those Beanies got a propeller on top? :)

David (Beanie Hat) Holcomb
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Narco on November 3, 2014
On the previous podcast and this people were wanting mini FPV for inside. Our local multicopter facbook page has a Cheerson CX-10 with a Boscam CM205 5.8G FPV Wireless Mini CMOS Camera all from banggood.com
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CJGFX on November 3, 2014
Will the new range of Merchandise be available in Europe...?

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SP0NZ on November 3, 2014
Great podcast guys...and gal! Love the podcasts where we get a sneak preview of what's coming. I can't wait for the mighty minis. Really like the looks of the Scout and plan to build one for the winter/indoor flying season.
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PropSpinner on November 5, 2014
Fun podcast all! Flite Test apparel is a great idea but you should have the Flite Test crew model it on the store webpage. I can't buy a beanie until I see how it looks on Josh and Josh.
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I am korean on March 2, 2016

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mutiaralombok467 on January 13, 2017
niche good dewata bali
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049 FT Mighty Minis, Heli-Carrier and more!