FT Mighty Minis

by FliteTest | November 3, 2014 | (28) Posted in Reviews

We are ecstatic to finally release our first two FT Mighty Minis! 


Weight (w/o battery): 4.05 oz (115g)

Center of Gravity: 1.25 - 1.5 inches (44 mm) from leading edge of wing

Control Surface Throws: 16° deflection (elevator/rudder) Expo 25%

Wingspan: 20.75 inches (527 mm)

Recommended Motor: 2480 kv 250 size motor

Recommended Prop: 5 x 3 prop minimum

Recommended ESC: 6 amp minimum

Recommended Battery: 300 - 800 mAH 2s minimum

Recommended Servos: (2) 5 gram servos


Weight (w/o battery): 4.05 oz (115g)

Center of Gravity: 2 inches (50 mm) from leading edge of wing

Control Surface Throws: 16° deflection (elevator/rudder) Expo 25%

Wingspan: 24 inches (609 mm)

Recommended Motor: 2480 kv 250 size motor

Recommended Prop: 5 x 3 prop minimum

Recommended ESC: 6 amp minimum

Recommended Battery: 300 - 800 mAH 2s minimum

Recommended Servos: (2) 5 gram servos

These guys are, believe it or not, swappable! Keep your eyes open for an upcoming build video showing you excatly how to make this tiny power pod. 

If you've seen our Flyzone Aircore Review you may recongnize this power pod as well. This will also fit into these planes. 

Keeping with the mini theme, Peter designed this little baby FPV setup. 

You can make this for around $90 and we will be releasing a build video in the near future showing you exactly how to create your own. 

With all our gear looking like it came fresh out of the dryer, we took to the back yard to try it out. 

Our limited space seemed to grow! If you have a similar situation where your flying space isn't ideal, these will help to make up for that lost room. 

Here is what I like to call the "pre-hug"...

...here is the "mid-hug"....

...and here's the Scout "post-hug". The best thing about these little guys is they are extremely durable. This Scout was flying even after the mid-air.

The second best thing about these little guys is the price. You can build one of these for....wait for it......ONE DOLLAR!

Yup, that's right. The entire plan fits on one sheet of dollar foam board. Plans will be posted with the build video on Wednesday. 

Wether narrowly missing poles while flying in your backyard, flying in a gymnasium or other indoor area, these guys are insanely fun. 

Their gentle flight characteristics and durabiliy makes this a great and rewarding platform for beginners and experienced pilots alike. 


Pick up your Speed Build Kit in our Online Store!

For the first 300 orders, if you by any 2 Mighty Minis we will knock off $5! You can get two Speedsters, two Scouts, or one of each for $25!

Happy Flying!


Miracle Air on November 3, 2014
Well done! There is a lot here for a hobbyist to dig into. This is why you guys are the best RC site on the web. Very cool!
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Paulshort on November 3, 2014
would the hextronic 10gram or 24 gram motors work for this?
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Christopher14 on November 4, 2014
The 10g motor will work if it has a 2300kv or higher kv rating. Not so sure about the 24g motor though.
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onelesseye on November 3, 2014
I am mostly looking forward to that mini fpv setup you were talking about. I hope that comes out son.
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AkimboGlueGuns on November 3, 2014
Very nice work guys! The scout looks like SPONZ's Bloody Baron. (an inspiration perhaps? :) )

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eagle4 on November 3, 2014
Great looking planes. I might have to build one of these! If you want to get a nano video transmitter AltitudeRC makes one that is only 3 grams! http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2284
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Bellows on November 3, 2014
Hi Guys,
Gotta Have Em! I can barely wait until Wend. One question though.
I see "2480 kv 250 size motor" advertised as Clock wise and CCW. What difference would it make?
Don't you just swap wires to change rotation direction?
Thanks, LooseBruce
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pintokitkat on November 3, 2014
Yes and no. Yes you swap two wires to change direction, but these planes have the motor shaft angled down and right to combat the effect of the prop spinning anti-clockwise. You'd have to change that to be down and left if the prop was spinning clockwise. Also the mini speedster has a longer left wing than right one to counter the same effect. You'd need to make it a longer right wing for a clockwise prop.

I think :o)
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phenompilot on November 3, 2014
The CW and CCW is in reference to the direction of the threads on the motor's prop shaft. The reverse direction motor's have a tendency to lose a prop because the torque loosens the prop nut. Either direction motor will work as they are reversible but one direction is more likely to have the prop nut come lose. Use lock-tite and adhere to pintokitkat's recommendations on angling the motor and you will be flying high.
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Bellows on November 4, 2014
Thanks so much for your (and others) comments. I am used to using prop savers so I have not seen threaded shafts. It all makes sense now.
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Meldrac on November 3, 2014
I'm on a fixed budget, so please make the plans available also. I have a 10 year old step son who is dying to learn how to build and fly and these would be perfect. You guys are awesome and as soon as I can afford it we're planning a trip there to meet you. We live almost on the border of Indiana and Ohio just above Fort Wayne so it's almost a straight shot there. Also I have a bunch of Airhogs 740mah batteries I picked up at Walmart for a couple dollars a piece on clearance and am hoping they will work in the mighty minis. Keep up the great work you are doing.

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Meldrac on November 3, 2014
Oops, just saw that the plans will be available. Again you guys rock.

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ultramicrobe on November 3, 2014
I second the comment that instructions or a component list for the mini-FPV rig would be very interesting to see. Maybe Peter could do a post on that?
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Crazy68 on November 3, 2014
Just watched the show, and loved it. Little josh is getting to be a good pilot. Great job buddy! I'm in ohio as well, and I think winter is trying to come early, so the indoor season is here! I love the minis, as my first plane was a SAE5a. $60 ready to fly, and easy to repair, but 1pc of foam board beats that!! Two planes for $25 is sick!
Keep up the good work!
(ps) Are you guys going to be at the Horizon indoor event in Columbus?
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Trailgunner on November 4, 2014
I would like to see all of the planes in mini size, but if I had to choose , it would be the bloody wonder. Hard decision. They're all great.
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yeojalviz1981 on November 4, 2014
where can i get the free plans?
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Schrodingerslapdog on November 4, 2014
In the build video article on Wednesday.
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NoUsername on November 4, 2014
Thank you for creating these mini planes. Also thank you for thinking about what others want rather than yourself.
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bluejett on November 4, 2014
Wow! All I can say is thank you guys and gals at FliteTest.com. I briefly got into RC flight about 25 years ago and got out just as quickly due to the cost of models and repairs. I found you guys a few months ago and WOW is all I can say. You (FliteTest) have managed to do something unpredictable. You are making RC not only fun, but most importantly affordable as well as approachable on many unforeseen levels. You people bring a fun exciting adventurous open minded fresh new energy to every level of this sport. You have even managed to reinvent the dying side of building, and or designing and building new planes. WOW! And now I see the Minis being released. lol. I never thought I'd feel that feeling again, like when you first believed in Santa Claus and you can't wait to open your gifts, but you guys have brought that feeling back again. It's like Xmas every time you guys design something new. The only complaint I have is that I voted today but I didn't see FliteTest on the ballot...lol. Awesome work people. Thank you from my heart.
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Paulshort on November 4, 2014
Hi there Flite Test when you release these planes could you have a complete component list of all the parts that you need including a list of parts i could get from hobbyking?
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Narco on November 6, 2014
FPV yes please. Please share the component list for the mini FPV gear

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Neilyboy on November 6, 2014
These are what I have been waiting for!!! Now all we need is a mini motor glider similar to the osg by Springer!!
Keep them coming guys. Get me through this Illinois winter.
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Devious56 on November 6, 2014
Yes, I love the looks of Peter's Scout, could you give some tips as to how he painted it and what he used to color it? Thanks, these mini's are just the perfect size I have been looking for to fly in my yard, I have a Scout on order along with a Speedster for my son. Keep up the good work.

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Bellows on November 11, 2014
I too would like some tips on how to color/paint the Scout. I just maidened mine tonight and it flies like a work of art.I will try to video tomorrow.
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DanTheMan35 on December 6, 2014
What if you put a cox .049 on it?
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jethrotull on January 15, 2015
The fuel will melt the foam.
Also, this engine would be way to powerful.
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jburchel on January 21, 2015
Will you be giving any instruction or a video on how to use the Aircore Powercore with the mini's?
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ewlie on February 5, 2015
I've built the Ft scout, it's an awesome little plane. I altered it a little because cutting those wobbily curves is a bit tricky with a knife. I've made something a bit more contemporary.

I'ts great to fly, quite relaxing. I'd now recommend beginners build this rather than an Old Fogey.
Notes for australian builders, our foam seems to be heavier, so you need a 1000mA battery to balance it right. A 1000mA means you can fly for a very long time. 30min+. It cruiises around a half throttle and on full it goes vertical easy. The total weight of mine is around 250g with battery, motor etc.
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hele559 on February 7, 2015
would the motor and board from the UMX Carbon Cub work for one of these? (maybe even the servos?) thanks
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Caleb73 on March 21, 2015
Can the mini old speedster use the dx5?If not,what is a good radio/receiver to use?
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ashishc on June 20, 2015
Hi Ewlie,
I have been trying to build the mini scout with 6 mm depron.
Same plans as given by flite test.
I am using a 1818 4500kv motor with 6x3 propellor and 500mah 2s lipo.
Is that a wrong power set up?
Coz I m not able to get it up in air... What should I check
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jan chakk on July 5, 2015
Hi Asish,

I think you must try a 2020 or 2024 size 2500 KV motor instead with a 6x3 or 7x3.5.
AUW = 193 is on the higher side for the above power system. Remove the paper from the inside of the fuse and reenforce with balsa. You could also remove the paper completely from the top of the wing.

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ashishc on August 22, 2015
Hi JC,
Firstly thanks for a reply...
I changed the motor to max 1806 and used 6x3 prop.
The Auw is now 170gms and it took off.
But I want to understand why the plane turns left as it gets into air... It does not take off straight as in flite test videos.
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jan chakk on July 6, 2015
Before you chanage the electronics, pls check if the prop is fitted correctly on the motor and it is spinning in the CCW direction (the number on the prop should face front) :)
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Minimad on July 23, 2015
I can't find the mini cruiser download plan? Where are the mini twins, they look fantastic and obviously fly like a dream
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Minimad on July 23, 2015
Sorry , I forgot to say I'm a uk resident, do I have access to all your fab plans, thanks

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Yang on January 13, 2017
I hate flite test for making me spend alot of money on them. I would like a refund.
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NavyIT1 on June 22, 2017
You have the minimum battery what about the maximum?
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hooperjm on August 14, 2017
Looks awesome! I'm getting started, and think I might build one of these as my first plane. Would you recommend the scout or the speedster? What considerations should I look at to decide between the two? Which has better flight characteristics for a starter? Which is quicker and less technical to build? Thanks. I love this site!
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FT Mighty Minis