Compiling MultiWiiConf on MacOS X

by enivid | March 15, 2015 | (0) Posted in Projects

Compiling MultiWiiConf on Mac OSX

So after upgrading to Yosemite which comes with the Java 7 Runtime JRE.  My compiled verison of MultiWiiConf no longer worked and asked me to revert back to JRE 6.

I decided to solve this by compiling my own MultiWiiConf version from the 2.3 source code (Warning MultiWiiConf looks a little crappy in MacOS X but it works well enough to get things done and configured).

I found these instructions on the web but they were for windows and things have simplified a little since this post.

To compile the software you need to download the IDE (processing).

After downlading Processing go ahead and launch it. It will look very familiar to the Arduino IDE you've grown to love.  In the Processing app, open the MultiWiiConf.pde file found in the MultiWiiConf folder and you should see something like this:


Now import the ControlP5 library:

Search for ControlP5 and install it.

Now Export your application and pick Mac OS X.

The compiled application will appear in the MacOSX folder of your source code folder.  Processing is also very nice by launching Finder to the right location.  You can now run MultiWiiConf on Yosemite!  Enjoy!



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Compiling MultiWiiConf on MacOS X