Connex ProSight HD

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Stefan, Alex and TJ take the Connex ProSight HD system out for a test drive.

While Connex has released other products in the HD FPV line, this is the first product they have released at this size and price point. 

TJ was able to fit it inside of an xHover R5X, with little modification. 

The exciting aspect of this system is being able to fly FPV in full HD.  Although it is heavier than the standardized analog setup many people use, it is still significantly lighter than an analog system plus an HD recording camera.

You can record the 720p downlink (with an additional HDMI capture device) and be able to share the HD footage without needing an additional recording camera!

Although the quality is less than using a dedicated HD recording camera, the immersive experience you gain while flying FPV is such a huge benefit the price point is well received.  With a GoPro or other HD recording camera, you need the HD camera plus everything to fly analog FPV. 

The guys get to testing and the initial thoughts are how clear the video looks. 

There are two different qualities of video downlink.

In High Quality mode the picture is a little better but there is very minor noticable lag in the video.  This option would best be used if shooting aerial video where you don't need split second accuracy.

In High Performance mode the picture is still amazing yet there is no noticable lag.  This is the setting you want to use especially if you are planning on racing or doing fast maneuvers.

Alex sums the experience with the Connex ProSight HD up very well when he says, "FPV, in general, is very immersive.  This just takes it to a whole new level."

The Connex ProSight HD Vision Kit is currently $499.00 and includes:

HD Camera

HD Transmitter

HD Receiver

All necessary cabling

Have you had any experience with the ProSight?  What were your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments or create your own article!


Ran D. St. Clair on October 13, 2016
Some questions...

1. Does the use of this system have any negative impact on other people who are running analog video in the 5 Ghz band?

2. This seems like a frequency based system. In other words it is not Spread Spectrum or some other system that allows user to just turn on and function without coordinating with other nearby users. Is that correct? I gather from scanning the manual that there is no simple answer to this question. It depends.....

I guess I am still looking for a mature system that allows users to just "turn on" without fear of shooting each other down. In other words, I want the same basic functionality as the 2.4Ghz RC control systems.

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Connex ProSight HD