5 Multirotor's Under 250 Grams

by FliteTest | October 12, 2016 | (0) Posted in Tips

In December 2015 the FAA also known as the Federal Avaition Administration sent out a press release that would dramtically change the landscape of RC model avaition.  The FAA concluded that

"a streamlined, user friendly web-based aircraft registration process for owners of small unmanned aircraft weighing more than 250 grams (0.55 pounds) and less than 25 kilograms (55 pounds)."

There has been many concerns since this implentation has been in place.  Some of them include : do I need to a register a toy drone?,  how will this make the hobby more safe and what can I actually buy without having to register anything?  Well we would love to help answer that last question.

Below is a list of 5 quadcopters that we would recommend purchasing that are under 250 grams,  depending on your budget. 

Inductrix FPV


Price : $99.00 BNF     $199.00 RTF

Appromixate Flight Time : 3-4 minutes

Battery : 200 mah 1s Lipo 

Completion Level : Readty to Fly & Bind and Fly

Flying Weight : 24 grams

Includes : SAFE Technology 


Graupner Alpha 110 Quadcopter 

Price : $89.99 RTF   $69.99 ARF    $149.99 RTF (FPV) 

Appromixate Flight Time :  4-5 minutes

Battery : 350 mah 1s Lipo 

Completion Level : FPV Ready to Fly, Bind and Fly or Ready to Fly, Bind and Fly

Flying Weight : 39 grams 

Includes : Real Time Telemetry, GR-18 multirotor flight controller software, Integrated FPV 5.8 ghz camera, multi flying modes


Hubsan X4 (H107L) 

Price : $36.99 

Approxmaite Flight Time: ~ 9 minutes 

Battery : 240 mah 1s Lipo 

Completion Level : Bind and Fly 

Flying Weight : 28 grams 

Includes : Ultra Stable 6- axis flight control, adjustable gryo sensitivity, 4 way directional flip


Blade Nano Qx 

Price : $89.99 RTF

Approxmiate Flight Time : 10 minutes

Battery : 180mah 1s Lipo

Completion Level : Ready to Fly

Flying Weight : 16.5 grams

Includes : SAFE Technology, 4 in 1 DSMX Receiver/ESC/Mixer 


Heli-Max 230si 

Price : $149.88 RTF

Approxmiate Flight TIme : 15 minutes

Battery : 1200mah 1s Lipo

Completion Level : Ready to Fly

Fly Weight : 127 grams 

Includes : Altitute Control, actual direction control, return to pilot, TAGS-FX, Failsafe, and HD Camera



Mitchell Gray - FliteTest




johanjonker on October 17, 2016
This is stupid.. and I have made some big investments in some mini quad racers.. I'm not going to put them on the shelf.. I know most of the toys in the article, and honestly they all suck unless you have a really big house to fly them indoors..
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FoamTest on October 18, 2016
To be fair I actually prefer to fly my Hubsan x-4 outdoors, because of how fast it is for its size. You can fly an inductrix anywhere, literally.
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amcknight31 on October 13, 2016
Nice. I love the nano qx. I started out on a hubsan. Really good.
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5 Multirotor's Under 250 Grams