Cutting wire with small pliers

by Joseph S. | November 1, 2016 | (0) Posted in Tips

                                       Cutting wires with small pliers

Here is the video


These pliars are kind of small. It is pretty hard to cut things with them. They won't even cut zip ties. This is because of the small size of the handle (or its because I'm weak.) The handel is 4 inches long(10cm). I could also be the curve of the handle. But there is a way to cut things.......



We will be useing a vise clamp. They are awsome and really convenient. You could use something else but I going to use the vise.


Put the wire you will be cutting(in my case I'm useing a coat hanger wire) in your pliers and tighten the vise just to hold it on. Dont go crazy yet. You could start turnig the vise but the metal might go flying. You could have a freind hold the two peices of metal but if your alone, there is at trick you can do.



Take one or if you want two rubber bands and wrap the around the handel. You can do two but one works just fine. This grips the wire tight. I learned this from Josh Bixler. He uses this as helping hands when soldering. This was mentioned in the FT cruiser supplementey biuld.

Check out that episode! I use that method for soldering as well!


Take the other pliers and pinch The wire on one side. You can do this with both sides if you have another pair of pliers but if you don't you can do this................


You can pinch the other side of the wire and hold down the pliers somehow. Start turning the vise untill it cuts the wire.



Tada! Cut wire!


So there you have it! With two pairs of pliers, rubber bands, and a vice, you can cut wire if your pliers are weird, or if you're weak!

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Kurt0326 on December 7, 2016
Congratulations on your very first article and welcome to the family of contributors! I do applaud your ability to think outside the box to solve problems. However, being who I am as a safety inspector, I cannot approve of the use of a vise to apply extra clamping force on the hand tools. As designed hand tool can be only to be used by hand. If you do not have the grip strength to cut the wire, I suggest using a different tool. Perhaps a different set of cutters can make that job easier? I would ask your parents for some ideas. Maybe they already have a better tool, an easier tool you can use.
Please do not let my comment discourage you. You are a bright boy and can think through problems on your own. Just try involving your parents in on the hard stuff okay?

Hope to hear more from you in the future.
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Joseph S. on February 8, 2017
Thanks for the feedback! In hindsight I do agree that that's not the safest thing and I do think that it's better to have the proper tools for stuff like this but I didn't have the right stuff at the time and I do now and I didn't want to go out and get one. so this is what I came up with. Once again I do agree that is not the best way of doing it. The way I see Now and I'm sorry that I didn't make this very clear in the article that I hope that people will see this as an example of how you can make things work for you without spending a dime. I do see that there is a risk when using hand tools in ways there were not intended. I think it would be a good idea to post what I hope to make an article on the forum to get feedback and when I have adjusted my content to what the people suggested I can summit it as an article. I hope to make more in the future. Thanks for the feedback! :)
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Cutting wire with small pliers