Yuneec Typhoon H Overview

by FliteTest | November 9, 2016 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Josh and Alex test out the Yuneec Typhoon H, an aerial video and photography hexacopter platform designed to capture great images.

This drone has a cool Follow Me feature with obstacle avoidance that allows the camera to follow you as you move without touching the controls.

We put the Follow Me mode to the test at Furey Field! We drove an ATV the length of Furey Field to see how well the Typhoon H could keep up.

It kept up really well until the ATV reached about 42 MPH, then it dropped back a bit but still kept us in frame. The entire flight was really smooth and stable as well.

Compared to the Phantom, the Typhoon H is a bit different. It has a 360 degree camera gimbal that allows you to be flying in one direction and looking in another, and the landing gear is retractable. 

Thanks to Trent and Raymond from Yuneec for coming all the way from California to visit us and for sharing the Typhoon H with us!

What platforms would you like to see reviewed in the future? Let us know in the comments!


DarkFire on November 11, 2016
looks like they crashed it pretty hard at the end considering all the booms were bent :)
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Bridgeman on November 15, 2016
That is how it breaks down to fit in the storage case.
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StatGSR on November 9, 2016
I would love to see a review on the Spedix Black Knight 210/250 BNF quads. Just to see if they can hold their own and what draw backs they may have, since the price seems to be on point.
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Yuneec Typhoon H Overview