DIY FPV Camera Mount No 3D Printer Needed

by Jogoo | June 10, 2020 | (1) Posted in How To

Hello everyone, in this article I will show you how to make a FPV Camera mount for your flying wings or airplanes. You don't even need a 3d printer. Here is the video i made if you don"t feel like reading. (sorry about how much I said so) A couple things you will need are: a color swatch for siding you can get them at home depot or you can use gift cards but the swatches are a lot more durable, you need a razor blade or scissors, you need super glue or modeling glue and you need a sharpie to draw out all the markings. The first step will be to square off the plastic like this. 

Now you have to create the base plate for your camera. All you have to do is get your camera and measure how wide it is and mark that on the plastic then mark about 1.5 cm back from that and you should end up with something like this.  It's important that this is relatively big as it is where you will attach the mount to your plane. The next step will to be to make the sides of the mount. For that just mark out a triangle the same length as the base plate and drill a hole about 3/4 of the way up so the camera can pivot. Drill the hole before you cut it out it'll be a lot easier.

Next you have to make a support brace that goes behind the camera to make the mount more rigged. to do this cut out a thin piece of plastic and mark one length that is a bit wider then the base plate and another that is the same size as the base plate. You will be stacking these on top of each other and they will go in between the side plates. These are all the pieces you will need. For assembling the mount first glue the side plates beside the base plates or if your base plate is to wide glue the side plates on top. After the glue has dried test how well your camera fits then glue the braces that we just made together by leaving just a small amount of room on either side once that dries glue it behind the camera.

And there you go, the mount is complete if you want to you can color it with a sharpie to match your build. so far I have used this mount on a couple FPV wings and they have both gone full speed into the ground due to my goggles cutting out and the mount is still in perfect condition. To mount this onto a build I recommend hot glue and to apply pressure to the mount to help it adhere the best.

Happy flying!


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DIY FPV Camera Mount No 3D Printer Needed