DIY FPV Miniquad Racing Course

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Flying on a course like this is tons of fun, and it ads a proffesional look to your videos. Gates, flags, arrows, and takeoff/landing pads are used at almost all miniquad racing events, so it's important that you learn to fly with them and feel comfortable flying a course. However, it can get expensive when you have to buy all of the flags and gates premade from an online store. Today, I'm gonna show you how you can make your own awesome race course equipment, for a fraction of the price. 


Takeoff/Landing Pad

 This is the first thing seen, so it should look good. You can make the takeoff/landing pad from coroplast. This can be gotten from your local hardware store. Or you can get it online here:

If you want your landing pad to look even better, you can use vinyl stickers. Vinyl can usaully be found at the dollar store or you local hardware store. Or you can get it online here:



Flags can be used to mark the start and finish of a race, or for turn markers. Our flags were made out of checkered fabric purchased at a local fabric store. You will also need some PVC pipe from you local hardware store. Both of these can be purchased online.


PVC Pipe:

 Simply sow a sleeve slightly larger than the PVC pipe down the length of the fabric (if you don't know how ask your grandma). Be sure to put a slight curve in this sleeve, so that it fits right on the bent pole. The curve in the sleeve is not mandatory, but it does create a better looking result. Now for the PVC pipe. Using a heat gun (or some other heat sorce) heat up the end of the pvc pipe. You want to do this a little at a time, so the pipe remains flexible. Heat about a 6" section and bend it with a pair of pliers. Repeat this as much as you want, to creat a bend that you like. Then stick the PVC pipe into the ground and slide the fabric over it. BOOM! You now have yourself a racing flag, for cheap too.



Arrows help you know were you to go, and make it seem like your going super fast. They ad a super cool element to your videos. You need coroplast and some kind of stake, we used the stakes for your usual coroplast signs. Both of these should be available at local home improvement stores or hardwares stores. They are both available online as well.



Take the coroplast and cut it into arrows. Then drive the stakes into the ground and put the coroplast arrow on it. Plan on making a lot of these, because you need a bunch for a ny good sized course. You can also simply lay the arrows on the ground if you're in a hurry or on an ultra tight budget.


Air Gates

The gates ad an element of difficulty to your course. Trying to line up and shoot through the gap is super fun! You will need some 3/4" PVC Pipe and 3 pool noodles for every gate. The pool noodles are available at the dollar store, and the PVC pipe is wating for you at your local hardware store. Both are also available online.

PVC Pipe:

Pool Noodle:

Our gate was made using two, five foot sections of pvc pipe and 3 pool noodles. The two sections of PVC pipe are driven into the ground at an angle, then you slide one noodle over each pipe. A third noodle is then slid over the exposed end of the pipe the join the two pieces together, forming the gate. I have found blue noodles to be the most visible, but you can experiment and see what works best for you.



       If you enjoyed this article, please be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe, it helps me more than you think! (link to my channel below). That's it! You know have all the equipment you need to design your own race course. I really like this course! The gates feel just the right size, the arrows really help you stay on the course and look awesome on video, the flags make perfecrt start/finish markers, and the takeoff/landing pad makes the start of the race look great. If you made a whole lot more arrows and a few more flags, this could even be used for fixed wing! Thanks for taking the time to read this article.   That's it for now. Watch out for more videos using this DIV FPV Race Course in the future!

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DIY FPV Miniquad Racing Course