DYS D2822 1450 KV Motor Review with Thrust Test

by Amit RC | November 14, 2017 | (3) Posted in Reviews

This is a review of DYS D2822 1450 KV Motor.  

This is a low price but good quality Brushless Motor.  It comes with Bullet Connectors already soldered.

Great..If you don't like solder by yourself. Saves a lot of time and its very convenient also. 

The build quality is very good . 

Wires are very flexible.  Its excellent because stiff wires tend to push the motor away from the motor mount or Firewall.

When spin by hand, it spins very freely and smoothly. It does feel that its having good quality magnets.

The C Clip is also clearing the bottom surface of motor by good margin. No chances of rubbing between C clip and surface.

The screws are of correct length and doesn't touch the wires. No worries about screws shorting the winding.

M3 size screw and Prop adapter is also provided.

And finally testing the thrust . 

Suggested prop - 7x4 on 3 Cell or 8x4 on 2 Cell.

I used 7x3.8. It only consumed 12 amps with this prop on 3 cell.

So to summarize,

Its a good quality motor at a low price.

Very efficient. Doesn't consume large current at all. So you can get longer flight time.

Good for scratch build or planes weighing in the range of 400 to 600 grams AUW.

Excellent for Pusher planes, as it uses smaller 7 inch prop which is crucial for  clearing the tail or fuselage when motor is mounted on top of wing.

Excellent for slow flying as its only 1450 kv.


walt1942 on November 15, 2017
How much thrust did it produce?
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Amit RC on November 15, 2017
I encourage you to watch the full video as it shows thrust at different throttle position.
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Timwetzel on November 21, 2017
Whats the actual price??
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Amit RC on November 21, 2017
Banggood link - https://goo.gl/hZM1ZK
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fpilot95 on December 15, 2017
Great, simple experiment. What do you think the effect of the propeller being that close to a barrier would do to the airflow? It is possible that it is restricting the airflow to some degree causing your thrust to be less than it could be. Of course your first experiment would still aid in designing the plane just with a more conservative approach. Not trying to criticize. Just thought provoking. Have a great day.
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DYS D2822 1450 KV Motor Review with Thrust Test