E-Flite's New Opterra 1.2m Flying Wing

by FliteTest | May 18, 2018 | (2) Posted in Reviews

There's a new E-Flite Opterra in town and it's a little smaller than the old one. Introducing the shorter wingspan Opterra 1.2m! This thing packs in a whole bunch of new features that are sure to make this flying wing a firm favourite among those who fly it.  

Here is a brief rundown of the numerous features that make this new Opterra stand out from the crowd. Let's go!


First off, housed in the nose there's a factory-installed FPV camera. As a versatile airframe capable of long-range flights, the Opterra has been optimised as a great choice for those who like to fly first-person-view. There's also a preinstalled video transmitter with interactive OSD (On Screen Display) meaning you'll be set to get flying right out of the box. 

You can also swap out the nose out to fit different cameras, such as a GoPro Session. If you were to do some long-range FPV with this aircraft (always check whether it's allowed in your country first), you'll be happy to know that the Opterra is compatible with the extended range TBS Crossfire micro receiver. 

SAFE tech

The Opterra 1.2m includes E-Flite's SAFE technology that makes flying their airplanes pretty much stress-free! However, this tech is even better: the aircraft is fitted with SAFE Plus. 

SAFE plus is a GPS-enabled system which is far more advanced than many other SAFE systems. With the Opterra, you can set 'Virtual Fence' that limits the area you can fly in by setting virtual boundaries. When your plane has gone too far, it will automatically turn itself around to keep within the designated flying zone. You can also do autopilot controlled landings. Neat hu? 

General Spec 

The Opterra BNF version comes with a 2.4GHz DSMX receiver. This means you can get flying right after you bind the model to your Spektrum transmitter. 

The airframe goes together very smoothly. What's great about the way this thing has been designed is the tool-free nature of how the wings attach. All you have to do is slide them over the spar and they secure themselves. There's also a handy (or not so handy) hands-free servo connection system. This means you don't have to worry about tucking away servo cables and that sort of thing. 

Flying experience

As mentioned, the Opterra 1.2m is a very versatile platform. It's equally at home doing long-range FPV missions as it is sport flying around a park flying field. Relative to its bigger sibling, this smaller Opterra has enlarged elevons that offer superb handling at any speeds you feel like flying at. There's also vortex generators on the wing itself that help with slow speed stability. There's also a folding prop that helps with grassy belly landings. 

As you may expect, the airframe itself is moulded out of lightweight and durable EPO foam that can take a beating and stay operational for years. There's also a carbon-fibre spar buried into the wing. As an upgrade over the larger Opterra 2m, this aircraft has integrated winglets that are moulded into the main wing itself. 

This thing really does look like a great aircraft to keep in your fleet. If you feel like checking this out in more detail to see if it's right for you, head on over to the Flite Test store

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Tglenn on August 7, 2018
I really love the new smaller opt era. I got the S plus version because I wanted to play around with FPV as well as record some of my flights. Everything works flawlessly right out of the Box so there is no trouble shooting installations if you are an experienced, everything just works. For some reason whenever I launch with power on like the manual States I chopped my fingers up really bed, this happens with my E flight evolution as well. But I am happy to report that there is no need to have the power on when you throw this plane just throw it then hit the power and away it goes. Safe mode makes launching very easy. It's fun to watch how the virtual fence works just keep flying farther and farther and farther away from yourself and all of a sudden the plane will take control from you and turn around as soon as it is in range and thinks that you have had time to figure out what is happening the wings will wag and you are back in control. The only complaint that I have is that the picture from the camera looks to be out of focus on distant objects I tried focusing the camera but the lens was turned in as far as it would go and turning it out only made things worse. It seems to be focused just a few feet in front of the camera that seems odd to me. Luckily I can mount my mobius on the front to get the high def footage . Over all I feel like this wing is a winner
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E-Flite's New Opterra 1.2m Flying Wing