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by FliteTest | March 1, 2017 | (4 Ratings) Posted in Just Fun

Remember when we went to Furey airfield in one of our vlogs to capture 3+ episodes in one day? Well, one of our favorite moments was getting this GIANT wing up in the air. The E-Flite Opterra is easily one of the more fun and exciting wings to fly.

Transport and assembly

One of the benefits of the Opterra is that it can be assembled in less than five minutes, which means you’ll get it up in the sky flying in no time! And because it can be disassembled, you can transport it super easily to fly it in a variety of areas. 


When you launch the Opterra, you can toss and then hit the throttle OR Josh Bixler’s favorite way to launch is by holding by the wing, adding a little throttle and then launching. Be careful not to nick your hand on the propeller. 


AS3X Receiver with Optional SAFE Select Technology 

One of the aspects that stood out is the stabilization that comes from the AS3X receiver. Basically, when there is turbulence or wind, it helps keep the wing flying smoothly. Additionally, the optional SAFE Select technology is a fantastic way for a beginner to fly. When in SAFE mode, the pitch and bank angles are limited and it automatically self-levels.

Three Camera Mounting Stations

The Opterra comes with three spots where you can mount GoPros, HD cameras or FPV cameras. Also, the camera nose has four inserts to change out the type of camera you use:

  • GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras
  • Recommended Spektrum FPV camera
  • Other types of FPV cameras
  • Blank insert to be custom cut for other payloads

*Note: don’t forget to connect your FPV antenna BEFORE turning it on! 

We thoroughly enjoyed flying the Opterra and hope you do too! Tell us your experience with the Opterra in the comments below!


flyinggreek on March 2, 2017
What can you say about the EFlight Opterra. My Brother Mike bought one when they were first released. The maiden was so uneventful that we flew it for about 2 minutes before deciding to bring it in to set up the FPV system . When I say "Bring it in" I had no idea it would be two go arounds before we actually got it down. The glide ratio is amazing for a Wing its size and weight.

After setting up the FPV system, loading in a fresh 3200MAH battery, off it went for a 53 minute flight. With a perfectly clear day, a little lift and some awesome unobstructed views from the nose, the Opterra impressed me so much that I bought one myself.

Don't let its size intimidate you. With the AS3X system and switchable SAFE mode, it is an extremely stable aircraft, even in 8-10 mph winds. Just make sure you have plenty of room to land because it likes to glide.

Buy one, you wont be disappointed.
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vianna on March 2, 2017
Really it is an amazing feeling. I enjoyed a lot flying the Opterra. I think it is the best experience that everyone should feel. Thanks for Opterra. check it out for best game torrenting sites 2017.
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Anon Pilot on March 5, 2017
Thank you for a brilliant video. You people do this sort of thing second to none in my opinion BUT you do far too few of them these days. Drones don't interest me so I simply don't watch most of your shows these days: sad. And the same goes for podcasts, only the After-hours crew are keeping the faith. Btw, puerile idiocy doesn't work for me either, I just stop watching. Anyway, this video was pretty good. Imho everything that you do should have more discipline and address the real issues that interest buyers. MORE FIXED WING PLEASE.
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Timwetzel on December 8, 2017
I just recently got my hands on one that a older friend gave to me and he gave it to me with a pixhawk autopilot, ImmersionRc fpv camera, transmitter, OSD but not a motor and esc (motor and esc on Christmas list :) ) I have not flown it and plan on launching it then turning on motor so i dont cut my self. The Pixhawk is giving trouble due to the need of installing a driver. I hope to fly soon!
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