ElectroHub Y6 Kit BUILD

by FliteTest | August 10, 2015 | (10) Posted in How To

The ElectroHub Y6 Kit is designed with our FPV Rail System which offers endless options for mounting camera and gimbal systems for AP (Aerial Photography) and FPV.


Below is the basic list of the accessories mentioned in this build, some of which are included and other items can be purchased separately!

ElectroHub Y6 Kit 


The Y6 copter is built around the ElectroHub power distribution hub.

The power distribution solder pads of the ElectroHub offer a clean and easy setup of your electronics.

You can build a really clean setup on your multi-rotor with the dual plates of the ElectroHub

The Y6 is setup with our (Long) Rail System. You can learn more about this and other components in our store. The rails are made from lightweight aluminum. 

The adjustable (Long) Rail System allows you to adjust CG and create custom camera mounting setups.

This landing gear is only available with the ElectroHub Y6 Kit.  

The landing gear is designed to be customizable in height and length of the stance. 

In this build, Eric set up his landing gear with a 6.25" height with a 7.5" length on the feet.  

The ElectroHub Y6 Kit was created to offer a solid platform for flying Aerial Photography and with the ElectroHub and (Long) Rail System allow you to have a completely customizable copter.

The ElectroHub Y6 is basically a beefed up Tricopter with redundant motors.

When you are ready to mount your flight control board it's worth checking out our custom Mounting Plate.

The Flight Control Board Mounting Plate is an additional accessory but offer you a way to perfectly align your control board while allowing you to run your wires and create a very clean setup.

The G-10 Angle Arm Brackets are another optional component that is available in our Store!

You can learn more about how the Angle Arm Brackets work and see them in action in our Tough Tilt Episode.

The G-10 Angle Arm Brackets are available in our store along with the other additional components mentioned in this build!

The ElectroHub Y6 Kit was created to be versatile, customizable and cost effective. We can't wait to see your custom AP setups with your Y6 kit!


WhatsHisName on August 11, 2015
Wow, great build. I never realized that a Y6 does not need a servo to tilt the tail. Makes sense, just never thought of it.
Good job guys!

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Talsharf on August 11, 2015
Great build guys!
That's going to be my next copter!
I have a question about redundancy. After loosing few copters due to motor failure,I did some research around the Internet, and discovered that, although a Y6 or a hex have redundant motors, the fact that it's gonna survive a failure of one motor, and not crash or spin, depends pretty much on the control board, and the general load on the motors.
I remember from the electrohub video, that Mickel's T copter survived such an accident and continued flying with only 5 motors functioning. And by looking close at the video, I could recognize the KK board, but not its version or software ;-)
So, are there any data about which control boards can handle one motor failure?
Million thanks,
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james.ketchem on September 3, 2015
tarot has 1 out , it the zyx-m ,tarotrc has them allso hobbyking
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Phil Rosa-Leeke on August 11, 2015
Fantastic build and great to see Eric fit and explain the new Aluminum Rail System. Thanks Flite Test.

I would just like to ask Eric or Josh B two questions:

When building the Dragonfly kit, would it be wise to use the G-10 Angle Arm Brackets on just the forward two arms and the tail arm or use them on all 5 arms?

If on all 5 arms, then which way would be best for the two center arms, downward pointing or upward pointing (taking into account that the other 3 would be upward pointing.)?
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Tuur on August 12, 2015
Thank you for the Buildvideo.

What I don't get is that you are using 6 times the motors with the red parts and not using the black. So what is the configuration of the type of motors that you will have to use?
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d2it4me on August 12, 2015
Love you guys and what you do for the hobby. For the love of god Eric put a spare piece of wood under your work to drill. Stop putting holes in that nice bench before Josh has to beat you with empty Mountain Dew cans.
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danield on August 12, 2015
So where are you going buy a new work bench to replace the one you just destroyed. Can't believe a craftsman would do that. Definitely a scrape piece to work on. Protects your work and the bench.
Love the work you do for the hobby.
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d2it4me on August 12, 2015
Sorry. Left other comment before watching the rest of the video. Glad you got the scrap piece of wood there to save that bench.
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Tri blades on August 12, 2015
Another tip for cutting zip ties are twist them off at the head of the zip tie it wont be sharp as uting them.
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canuck on August 13, 2015
That's a must build. I love the options tray. I can see a myriad of options available with that installed. Great job.
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TurboNinjaStix on August 14, 2015
I've been waiting for this for months! My only gripe about these miltirotor builds is that the motor directions cant always be self tightening. Even in this video, you say the Power Pack for the hexacopter comes with three CW and three CCW motors, but it looks like Eric uses the same motors (red CCW?) for all six. Sure, motor direction depends on what fc you use, but you guys push the naze32. I use the naE32 on my Batbone tricopter but have to run one motor with the shaft threading to keep my preferred color scheme. The Power Pack is ideal for a traditional hex set up, but for a y6, at least one motor will have to turn "with" the threads. If the bottom motor runs opposite than the one above it, then they would have to turn in the same direction, they're just inverted. Hence, two red on one arm, two black one one arm, and a red and a black on the third. One will still rotate in a non-self-tigjtening direction. Just saying. Use loc-tite!
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midohioboarder on August 17, 2015
Same question/concern TurboNingaStix has... After reviewing the build video again, I noticed that Eric mentions the control board is really going to determine the motors needed for the build. Does that mean you will reconfigure the power packs according to the intended flight controller? Personally, I am going to use the Vector.
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midohioboarder on August 17, 2015
answer: When one orders, you select the controller. Then the wonderful warehouse crew will reconfigure the power pack according to the controller selected.
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wmmc01 on August 24, 2015
What is the size of the short section of arm used in the Angle Arm setup? And what is the Angle?
And do I recall seeing in another video that this arrangement helps reduce ground effect issues?
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soupy371 on September 15, 2015
The angle is determined by the angle arm brackets. I believe he said he cut them 3.5"? That's how long mine are.
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Levi L Steed on August 31, 2015
I have a Devo 7 from Walkera and I was wondering if that transmitter will work with the KK2 board in a V-Tail custom build.
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Razah on October 21, 2015
I'm just wanting to know when u will be getting the y6 heli back in stock and if you will just be selling the landing gear by its self?
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callline on November 5, 2015
I have a though tilt tricopter and have added a rail and gopro gimbal which works but is a little under powered for the extra weight. Would like to buy the landing gear by itself and probably another quad power pack to upgrade to a y6 but the gear are not available separate that would be a great option. And agree had to cringe when Eric drilled into the table! What battery and how much flight time with the Y6? I'm getting 6 min now with 3S 2250mah was 9 min before adding the gimbal to my tricopter.
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joshuasackey92 on December 21, 2017
I cannot find the kit in the store
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ElectroHub Y6 Kit BUILD