Exploring the New Home of Flite Test

by FliteTest | June 18, 2018 | (2) Posted in News

Edgewater Airpark is the new home of Flite Test. Here's where we're at with turning it into a world of flight.

From its humble beginnings in Chad Kapper's garage, I think it's fair to say that our Flite Test community has grown quite a bit. Just a few months ago, we raised $377,600 to create a world headquarters for aviation. Right now, things are moving fast to convert the grounds into runways, clubhouses and ground stations. It's an exciting time, so we wanted to share what's going on. Here's a tour from the air. 

Building an Airpark

If you're not yet familiar with the plan, Josh and Josh recently went over what comes next in the Edgewater Airpark story. Like all build projects, it's going to take patience and a step-by-step process to achieve the end goal - but we're all super excited about this journey. 

Exploring from the Air

FPV opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to RC. It can transport you into another world, shrink you down to fit in your aircraft and give you the thrill ride of a lifetime. So what's better than going for a ride in your airplane? Going with your buddies of course! This project appropriately included the exclusive FT Legacy plane included as a perk to the Flite Test Indigogo campaign. This aircraft can be built to have a single-motor, twin-motor or even a tri-motor setup. 

The setup the guys at the shop came up with involved using three Runcam Splits. These cameras are fantastic for FPV as they record in HD to an onboard DVR. This means that you can save your flights without needing to carry an HD camera alongside your FPV cam. 

Our inventive workshop expert Chad expertly drew up a design for a 3D printable pan and tilt mechanism that adds so much to the FPV experience. 

Up in the sky, it's easy to see the extent of the new grounds. The park is simply huge. Imagine flying around this with your friends for hours at a time. 

The Right Gear for the Job

Often it's all about having a great experience when it comes to RC. So often you can end up overcomplicating things and to have stuff fail on you - trust me, I've been there. Making sure you have a good quality, reliable equipment setup is key to having a good time. 

During the video, you may have noticed that Josh, Andre, Stefan and Matt were all using the new FXT VIPER Video Goggles from Ready Made RC. Stefan especially liked how you could remove the sunshade. This feature is also super helpful for pilots who use glasses as they can fit between your face and the image refractor screen of the goggles.  

The screen size is a solid 5" with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This makes the image sweep around in front of you to give a better sense of immersion. The vision system also includes an inbuilt digital video recorder. This is such a useful thing to have on your goggles - not only can you record your flights, you can find your airplane by watching the recorded footage back after you've made a forced landing somewhere. 

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Abouttime67 on July 9, 2018
Do you have any details on the cameras and the pan 'n tilt features on the planes? The Park looks great, but I live in WA state and so will probably not be able to visit. The resources and planes and plans that come from Flite Test are and will be useful to all.
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Abouttime67 on July 9, 2018
Are you going to have another fund raising goal to build the indoor airpark?
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Exploring the New Home of Flite Test