F-27 Evolution - Review

by FliteTest | May 24, 2018 | (2) Posted in Reviews

This week, we're testing one of E-Flite's latest high-performance aircraft.

It seems a lot of RC pilots like speed. It's just one of those things: flying RC airplanes is often an adrenaline filled experience - and this plane simply piles it on. Here's Josh and Alex to put the new F-27 Evolution through its paces. 

Who's it for?

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of this new wing to see if it's the right RC plane for you. 

First off, the F-27 can be used with both 3S and 4S batteries. On the high-end setup, you can expect the thing to streak by at an eye-watering 105mph. On a 3s, you can still reach an amazing 85mph, which is pretty darn impressive. 

It's not only good at going fast, however, as low-speeds reward you with the predictable tendencies of a sport model. You can high-alpha the thing all day by simply pulling back on that elevator. As Alex said in the video, 'it's a borderline trainer'. 


Like many of their RC airplanes, the E-flite F-27 has a lightweight yet durable EPO airframe. 

The flying wing includes a rather powerful brushless outrunner on the rear of the fuselage combined with a 40A ESC.

You can break the aircraft down into three transportable parts. This is also great for storage! You don't even need tools.

It's possible to fit an FPV camera and video transmitter into the nose of your F-27 without affecting the streamlined outline of the model. Put simply, there's plenty of room in that fuselage. 


If you've watched the review video by now, you'll know that not all went to plan. You know something bad is going to happen when someone says:

'I'm going to take up the speed a little here'

Thankfully, both planes were not completely written off. The wings held up without as much as a dent! This is probably because they easily detach from the fuselage without using screws or any hard attachment points.

This meant that the guys could simply slot the aircraft back together and get flying again within minutes. Quite impressive hu?

The F-27 has proved itself to be a great option for most pilots. If you like flying wings, speed, predictable handling, durability and FPV, this could be one for your hanger. 

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Article by James Whomsley

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capt C.R. Ashe on May 24, 2018
Very impressive! A couple of guys in my club are Stryker fans, one has a new F27 to add to his stable..very fast, the other fella also has a Stryker and the new Rochobby Swift..looks like a Stryker, but smaller...check it out,in speed runs it is equal if not a tad faster on 4s to the F27
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sprzout on May 24, 2018
Wow!!! I gotta thank the guys at FT - apparently they want to send this plane to me for helping out on the forums! :) This looks like it's gonna be a blast to fly at my field, and I'll probably have to try to hook up FPV on it at some point. :)

Thanks again!
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sprzout on May 24, 2018
Oh, and by the way, Stefan, you got the pronunciation correct. :)
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F-27 Evolution - Review