F4 Flight Controller Review

by Amit RC | March 4, 2018 | (0) Posted in Reviews


Recently I am getting interested in Multi rotors or Quadcopters. Hence got this flight controller.

It is a F4 Flight controller & wiring diagram shows as Flip 32 F4. Since I am not an expert in Multi rotors & haven't tested many flight controllers, I am not sure whether its same or not.

Anyways, lets have a look at some good points about this Flight controller-

1. Its a F4 processor.  Can handle higher PID frequency.

2. It can directly receive supply from lipo battery. Has got internal voltage regulator, hence no need of 5v BEC.

3. Good Gyro. MPU6000.

4. Can connect PPM, SBUS ,DSM,DSMX receivers. 

Specifications -

STM32F405 MCU Processor

MPU6000 SPI Bus Gyro

MPU 6000 Accelerometer
128Mb Flash(16M Byte)

Preflashed with BetaFlight 3.0

Direct Lipo Input : 1.5A  Built in Voltage Regulator

No Barometer & Compass ( Magnetometer ) 

No built in OSD for FPV.

Some points which needs improvement -

1.  Needs more documentation about wiring diagram. Some wiring points are confusing. Needs to be a lot more simpler. 

2. Would be nice if it had OSD built in.

3. The voltage regulator can get very hot if more peripherals are powered through the board like LEDs, Telemetry , Camera ,VTX.

So in my opinion, if you want to build a quad copter for fun flying, freestyle & you are experienced in quad copter builds, then this board will be a good cheap option.

If you are a beginner like me in building quad copters then this board may not be good choice. Choose a simpler layout board.

Check this flight controller - https://goo.gl/AYzWx1

Happy Flying..)


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F4 Flight Controller Review