Fix a Stuck or Sticky Taranis X9D Display Button.

by njacobs | March 30, 2019 | (1) Posted in How To

Stuck Button ! (or you want a more positive "feel" to the buttons)

The populare Taranis X9D radio is one of the best deals around for transmitters.  Unfortunately after lots of use and configuration, I started to notice the ENT button (lower right) started getting a bit sticky.  Its heavily used in the menus.  

Yesterday, it pushed through and got stuck.  Poor Taranis kept displaying "Stuck Button" and would not work.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix.   All you need is a Philips screwdriver, an (AdTek Pro 200) hot glue gun and some hot glue.  It takes about an hour to fix.

First step,  Open the transmitter

  • Power off the Transmitter
  • Remove the battery
  • Undo the 6 Philips screws on the back

  • Loosen the retaining rings (counter-clockwise turn) on the two top switches

  • Flip the two switches towards the front of the radio.
  • Carefully pull the back off and down.  Watch out, there are lots of cables.
  • Beware, the two switches on top will fall out.  You will know which way they go back because you just flipped them forwards.  Perhaps mark one side for future reference.

Remove the display board at the bottom of the transmitter

  • Very gently wiggle each connector to remove it off of the display board. 
  • Remove the 5 screws (yellow) holding the board down

  • Remove the board from the transmitter

Check that the buttons on the board are not damaged

Make sure the buttons are still firmly attached to the circuit board.  Then press them all to make sure that they have a nice firm "click".

In my case, they all worked fine, so I knew the button itself was not the issue.

Examine the button cover supports

Red arrow indicates where the support broke free.  Yellow arrow shows how the hinge has come away, hence the button stuck.

Drop some hot glue on the side and top of the support 

Be careful not to get glue on the button covers as they must be able to move in/out freely.  Scrape off any excess glue if it runs over.

Let the glue cool down and get hard before pressing on the cover to test its movement.

Test that the button covers work by pressing on each side simultaneously to press and release the button cover.

Add glue to all four supports.

The red arrows show where to put the glue. 

Put it back together

Now put the display back in, attach the cables, put the switches back, close the back and replace the screws.

Tighten the retaining rings on the two top switches and put the battery back in.

Now enjoy your "upgraded" Taranis. 

The buttons will now have a nice firm feel and solid click.




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Fix a Stuck or Sticky Taranis X9D Display Button.