Fix that Battery!

by MESA RC | December 30, 2014 | (8) Posted in Tips

To the FliteTest Community;

Our MESArcFF ELITE program has a special student named Nick, a Freshman with a lot of promise in the hobby and as a future engineer.  Being able to fly like Nick would be anyones dream, and Nick's desire to get into the program to complete the Engineering Desing element is his next goal.  In this episode he figures out how to accomodate the battey hold during his crazy flying of the MF-15 Eagle.  A problem developed, and yet simple to most, it gave Nick something to figure out and possibly the design of something else in the future to fix this issue. Nick will be learning CAD next semester and scratch build aircraft design, he will most likely use what he learned in this Build 2 Fly experience to create something special for experienced pilots wanting a crazy flying aircraft.

Seen below is Nick's process of developing a quick solution to keep his battery in during inverted loops.

Cool shot of the back of his plane.


How he setup his plane, 3 servos, all 100% on D/EXPO using Dx6.


During normal flight, everything was great!


Throw it into inverted mode trying to pull a hard loop... Houston we have a problem.


The plane was undamaged as it floated to the ground.


Close up on the plane, the battery, ESC, and the RX flew out into the open in 3 different directions.


Head back to the classroom to create a hold for the battery.


All smiles!


The plane used in this episode was the MF-15 Eagle, you can download the plans or purchase the plane using the below links;

Build Kit: 


Thank you for supporting the MESArcFF program, 


nasaguy86 on January 5, 2015
Excellent solution Nick, MESA rcFoam Fighters = Awesome! Keep doing great things!!

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aidan35 on January 1, 2015
Did the battery just have too many Gs put on it and got ripped out and caught in the prop?
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MESA RC on January 4, 2015
That is correct
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Fix that Battery!