Maiden & remaiden of the Tribewt2 + 3 new plans!

by alibopo | December 31, 2014 | (0) Posted in Projects

Maiden & re-maiden of the Tribewt2


Plans for the Tribewt, Tribewt2 & GeeBee Sportster Tribewt

I never showed the maiden for this plane, so here it is; first with an 8A Blue Wonder motor, and then more recently with a larger 16A motor.

Here's the plans for this plane (the Tribewt2) my original Tribewt (tribute) and the GeeBee Sportster Tribewt.



GeeBee Sportster Tribewt

All these planes are based around the basic dimensions of the original Baby Blender, and are not intended to be scale versions of any particular model. All I can say is that they’re a nice size of plane, reasonably distinctive in the air and they all fly. If you want to see them flying I’ve linked to the various Flite Test articles with flight video at the foot of this article.

The original Tribewt ended up as my 4-channel learn-to-fly plane, and it has done great service in that role.

A word of caution! These 3 plans were prepared after the original builds, so I’ve not built from them. I’m pretty confident they are complete and accurate, but without driving my wife insane with building a whole pile of new duplicate models I can’t be absolutely sure. This especially applies to the turtle decks which are a calculated fit rather than based on a true fit.

So... if I’ve made any errors or you spot a typo, or you think more info would help, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll adjust and re-issue the plans.

UPDATE 28/03/2015 - I've been collecting and updating all my articles, planes and plans on my own website on this page; RCplanes It's still a work in progress, but there's a few extras and beta-stage projects that don't appear here yet.

Cheers, alibopo.



Ben Presten on January 9, 2015
I built a Gee Bee off of your plans and added a few things to make it look more to my preference. Great plans. I have yet to fly it due to my transmitter crashing. My compliments on a good looking design.

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alibopo on January 9, 2015
Hi Ben, great - I'd love to see how it looks. Any of these plans are just a starting point, then its up to the builder to add their own twist/improvements. If you're a lucky 'dollar tree' foam builder I'd be interested in your All Up Weight once you get it in the air. Cheers.
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PeterGregory on May 21, 2015
Great pushing us more FT designs - I can't get my fill of them. Have to build the Gee Bee.
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Maiden & remaiden of the Tribewt2 + 3 new plans!