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by FliteTest | May 1, 2014 | (12 Ratings) Posted in News


FliteTest is going to be making our very first trip to Europe! For most of the trip we will be traveling and gathering content but on June 26th we will also be hosting a meet up.

 Sign up for your free ticket to attend! http://flitetest.eventbrite.com

We cannot stress enough that we would not be able to have the ability to make the trip without the support and sponosorship of Immersion RC. They have taken care of the logistics, the equipment, locations and lots of things that we haven't even considered. 


Europe Meetup

Lac St Croix / Gorge due Verdo, France


The location for the meet up will be Aérodrome de Vinon

The Airfield is about 40km drive from Lac St. Croix. It is located next to a major auto route (the A51 - E712) and is therefore relatively easy to reach by car. If people want to stay longer they can call the tourist office to make reservations. There is a camping in Vinon but that might be busy because the holiday season is starting.

This is the web address for the local tourist office sallessurverdon.com/gb
You can get all the info needed for booking hotels or camping. The person running the office speaks English!

If you live in Europe and there is a chance you could come to the meet up. Please subscribe below, we will update you with info as we recieved it.  http://eepurl.com/Tffu1


mrscale on May 1, 2014
Beautiful country , my wife was from France when there I enjoyed go to the Big fly in outside Paris where everything was 1/2 scale and all flew great
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olex on May 1, 2014
This is awesome. South of France is a little ways off from where I am (central Germany), but still, I might find a way to get down there. Subscribed to the list, excited to hear more about what's being planned.
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BirdMan9876 on May 1, 2014
looks like fun, I wish I could come! :(
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jpleaner on May 3, 2014
When's the Australian meet up happening guys!
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hele559 on June 22, 2014
don't forget about us Kiwis!! ;)
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Paulshort on May 11, 2014
You guys should come to New Zealand it would Be really cool
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hele559 on June 22, 2014
I second that,
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jigsawnz on June 22, 2014
I do too.
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val0production on May 5, 2014
Go to Haute Savoie ! It's better ^^ {Annecy}
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Japanx on May 2, 2014
The crazy spaniards will be there!
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Tengushi on May 2, 2014
Sounds great! But what happened with the location in Switzerland?
Hope to see the way of the road trip soon
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JamesWhomsley on May 3, 2014
I wonder if I could do the camping thing there. I think it would be pretty cool if I could find a way to come across from the UK to France backpacking style for a couple of days. This seems like the best opportunity Ive got to meet you guys haha! hmm.
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mastermadman on May 2, 2014
Will Mr Winderstal be there? I live in south west France near Bordeaux... 9hrs away, Are you guys making any other stops in the country? keep us up to date and will sure welcome you all! have fun times
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CJGFX on May 2, 2014
Great, signed up for the updates. Time booked off work, good job I'm self employed! I'll try and get my son of school for the day, flight test in Europe is something not to be missed!!
Flitetest crew can you please tell us what insurance we'll need to get to fly with you guys?

As I've said before if you guys need any volentry help whilst your over here I'd be honored to help you. I'm based just out side Cannes in the mountains.

Looking forward to it, just got all the bits to put my knuckle quad together....
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Starssadar on May 3, 2014
Gorges du Verdon are beautiful! I hope you have a nice time there. I wish I could come... If you come to Switzerland let me know!!!
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Digital Wolf on May 3, 2014
plz come to the Netherlands!!!!!!!! :D
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mad_milchmann on May 5, 2014
should we start a thread in the Forum to collect Ideas where you could gather material or Fly with people and so on? I guess that there are for sure some good tipps from locals whrere you could get some nice footage of awesome landscape or something like that.

what would come to my mind right now in germany would be the völklinger hütte near the french border, which is an abondened steel-work-thing (http://www.voelklinger-huette.org/en/world-cultural-heritage-site-voelklingen-ironworks/). It is a kind of museum now, and I think you could do awesome things there like fly into old melting pots and around these huge towers and so on.

next thing would be the partnachklamm (partnach-gorge, in english i guess) which is a really beatifull gorge with a waterfall and so on. also the surrounding mountains are really nice. (http://partnachklamm.eu/flyer/eng-flyer-inet.pdf)

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theGermanPilot on May 3, 2014
I am from Berlin/Germany and we have a flying field in the north of the city. Maybe you could come around and burn some batteries together. This might be a good opportunity for some RC-pilots from Germany to meet you too.
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paullouis on May 3, 2014
Hey Josh 1 Josh
I am going to Lac ste Croix, near Les Salles sur verdon: https://www.google.be/maps/@43.7968981,6.2268541,245m/data=!3m1!1e3
with my family from 28 June - 12 July. We're taking our 2 water planes and 1 tri-copter with us. We have a nice spot at the lake. I hope you decide to come the same period! That would be awesome!
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Matt Mountain on May 3, 2014
Yo: Not speaking the language is cool but at least copy and paste right dudes: " Gorge due Verdo" next to a link to gorge du verdon.......
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noah on May 3, 2014
damn it! i am going to be in Milan in italy on those dates. do one in australia!
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Corbarrad on May 4, 2014
That location would mean a 12-hour+ drive or train ride for me, which would be perfectly possible on a weekend, but not mid-week.
A shame, really, especially since I found out that a plane ticket to Filte Fest and back alone would set me back US$1500.
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doobin on May 5, 2014
I should be in the area around that time, will try my best to be there!!!!
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flightcontrol on May 5, 2014
would love to join, having the meet-up on a weekday with 10 hours driving eventually will make it impossible. still thanks a lot for visiting us in europe -hope you are having a great time here!
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tilmanb on May 8, 2014
Guys I kind of really need to know where exactly (which town) I should find a place if I should have any chance of getting this organised.
I would arrive by train, so mobility is key. I can't just book a holiday cottage somewhere around the lake!
And June is fricking high holidays season. Give me something to work with.
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PetterKien on May 8, 2014
Just take care that they are strong laws in France against FPV Flying …
Take a trip to Switzerland! You're most welcome ;)
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bepilot on May 8, 2014
Don't worry, we should all be able to help out someone in need - I plan to come over by car (4h drive from Lyon) - I think more info will come soon. As I mentioned on Facebook, camping on the aerodrome of Vinon sur Verdon itself like 1:1 glider pilots did (as I remember from a holiday over there dating back in 2003) should be easily negotiable withe the local gliding-clubs, at least I hope so.
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Kasukikun on May 14, 2014
Hey guys I'm french and I live in this area ! I do not want to be bad news maker, but the aerodrome de vinon is close to a nuclear research facility.
It is okay to fly model there, but the problem is :
1 - you CANNOT FLY FPV !!!! (or you get arrested by the police, with a big fine)
2 - You CANNOT FLY over 50m of altitude

I hope you guys checked this out or managed to have some arrangements with authorities.
If you need help do not hesitate to contact me.
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Micke on May 16, 2014
What´s wrong with David´s backyard? ;) FPV all you want, and everyone understands English! ;)
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iikirbyxz on May 26, 2014
i just rang my dad and was like we going to this and he said "big, RV, cheep" ill be seeing you there
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ukrcflyer on June 12, 2014
Wish you guys were coming to Cologne in Germany or The Midlands in England. I live in England but I work in Germany so I get to fly in both countries. Would have been great to meet you.
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FOX on June 18, 2014
Oh man... I was so pumped that i reserved two tickets right away, for me and my wife, because i'm in Lyon...3,5 hours from there...but i just cancelled my tickets.... the 26th is a week day!!
Are you guys gonna be there only on the 26th?? and will you be passing through Lyon or close?
I would love to meet you guys... you are big part of this hobby and big inspiration in my opinion.
You guys got me into scratch building...huuuuuge responsability there,loololll.
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jigsawnz on May 1, 2014
It's a real nice place. I would go there on my holidays to go swimming for the day. My last time there was in July. While deep in the gorge, a thunderstorm came in over the mountains. Must have been a interesting sight to see, a few hundred canoes, kayaks and pedal boats poring out to try and beat the rain and lightning. The rain was freezing cold.

Looking forward to see some beautiful arial shots of the place. Unfortunately I live in New Zealand now else I would have loved to meet the flight test team.
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hele559 on June 22, 2014
I think Flite Test should come to NZ, would love to meet them and fly with them
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jigsawnz on June 22, 2014
I agree.
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stereodreieck on June 19, 2014
The problem with this meetup is; ist is more than thousand kilometres away from me (in central Germany). I did not even know how I can get to the South of France.
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hele559 on June 22, 2014
i hear you there brother, but your not on the other side of the planet like i am here in New Zealand ;)
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