Flugtag 2023 Design Challenge - G-3 Glider

by TC-Concepts | August 11, 2023 | (1) Posted in Challenges

Hello, Everyone, My name is Travis Charbonneau,

From a little kid looking at the WW2 pictures of my Grandfather during his time stationed in Nebraska as an A&P / I-A Mechanic.  Along with the 

pictures and control line airplanes hanging on the walls of their home.   (( As long as Grandma said it was OKAY )).     I have always been 

intrigued with aviation.  As most of us we all love to see planes fly, as well as making them fly.   And I can honestly tell you there is something 

so therapeutic about just throwing a Glider across the house just to see how far it will go!!!

Sharing a new plane that I built or Modding an existing model sometimes I can't wait to throw it up on the Flite Test Forms.

Our community and the excitement we all share for the love of the hobby we all enjoy is only half the reason I'm posting this article.

Every one of us has our own talents and ideas that we can bring to the table and share with each other. 

This is where this Challange Begins. 

I recently went to OSHKOSH for the first time and ended up at the Airforce museum in Dayton.    To really learn as much as I can and take in

new inspiration for a new design for the EZ-Packs.  For anyone thinking about attending either of those two adventures, I highly recommend.

In the Video below I explain the inspiration for my design along with roughly how I  designed it and to the build and Cross your fingers.

 Hope she flies!!!

While at the Airforce museum I found my inspiration The G-3 Glider   

With simplicity in mind I wanted to create a 3D fuselage and not just a profile plane.  What is more simple then a wedge shaped body ?

So after time in CAD programming I finally was ready to send the file to the laser and cut the parts

As the building commenced and finally bringing this thing to life, I really hit me how this thing looks so good in brown

Foam board!!!!!!!!    I miss the BROWN...   

I simply added the EZ pack and waited for a calm Morning to answer the question.   Does it Fly?


Crazed Scout Pilot on August 14, 2023
Love it!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to try to build one my self.
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Flugtag 2023 Design Challenge - G-3 Glider