Isaac Newton hates my Foam and Tape Fan Trainer

by nickatredbox | April 9, 2013 | (5 Ratings) Posted in Just Fun

Issac Newton Attacks the Fan Trainer


Foam and Tape Fan Trainer

Here is my Depron Bamboo and tape plane. Will maiden it this week if the wind stops for a while.

I wanted aerofoil wings with dihedral so modified the design as shown below. The top of the wings is flat across both wings and the flat lower side is tappers at 1.8 degrees. making the wing root 20 mm and the tip is 10 mm 

It weighs 340 Grams dry around 420 with a 1300 Turnigy Lipo. Its about 40 Grams heavier then the plans with the aerofoil wings.

The wing loading is 16.93 oz/ft² or 58.61 g/dm² so quite high

Saw this free design on 


2 X 9 Gram HK Servos
25 Amp HK ESC

EDF55 with C20 Motor Assembled 4100Kv 199.8W

EDF55 with C20 Motor Assembled  203W
A good plug in and go system.

Spec.Motor Kv: 4100rpm/v
Test Voltage: 11.1v (3-4S)
Test Current: 18A
Thrust: 440g
Power: 199.8W
Motor: C20pro 4100kv
Weight: 47g

Test Results:
@10v | 16A | 395g | 160W |
@11v | 18A | 440g | 199.8W |

I have a Hobbyking 50mm Alloy EDF V2 4200kv (4s Version) on its way which should give it a decent amount more thrust.

The Hobbyking Alloy EDF series are pre-assembled and dynamically balanced making them simple and easy to fit, no unit assembly is required. As well as high power, these fans have excellent cooling and run so smoothly, the sound is amazing, there is also no housing distortion unlike plastic fans. This nice quality, powerful fan is a great way to upgrade your foamy 50mm jet to a missile in around an hour!
Factory dynamically balanced
High power with superior cooling
High quality construction
Fully servicable
Fast to fit
No housing distortion
Rotor Diameter: 50mm 5 BladeOuter Diameter: 54.5mmWeight: 85g with 2mm ConnectorsMotor: 20-40 Brushless Inrunner 4200kvMax Amps: 22AMax Thrust: 550g


The 55 mm fan sits well in the slot. The area  around is reinforced with ice cream sticks and Bamboo


mattplaneflyer on April 9, 2013
That looks great! Hope it flies.
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nickatredbox on April 9, 2013
I flew it quite well for 5 minutes until it got away from me , its a bit to fast for my piloting skills at present
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nickatredbox on April 9, 2013
It does stall really easy despite the washout on the wings. Version 2 will be a bit lighter
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