Foam Test: Hubsan X-4 FPV

by FoamTest | October 9, 2016 | (0) Posted in Projects

Have you ever wanted to record your micro fpv footage with out static? I know that I have. This is a easy solution that I thought about the other day, and I figured that others would want to see how to do it. My main goal for this article was to be able to record my fpv footage without the static, and with a higher quality than most, micro FPV cameras. This is not my final product though, I am planning on ordering some 8.5 mm black out motors from micro motor warehouse. I will probably put out another article on the upgraded Hubsan, as soon as I get the money for the motors, and make the video on it. 

Build video

This is my Hubsan x-4 quad that I have previously modified the camera tilt on. 

The mod required only a pair of side cutters and a screw driver. 

The only tool needed to take the frame apart is a small screwdriver. 

Soldering is definitely the hardest part of this build. The soldering pads are so close to each other it's quite difficult to solder them without shorting out the circut.

I added hot glue to the power leads so they dont short out after a crash, and so that they stay together when I take the quad apart.

I just got my upgraded battery today and I love it, I cant wait to get some upgraded motors to truely see what this can do!

The build, as a whole, was very simple. The only difficult part was the soldering. The hubsan H107D is a great quad frame for this setup and it works very well. The only thing needed other than the FPV equipment and the tools needed to complete the build is, a better battery with a higher c rating. The stock battery can't supply it with enough power for the camera and the quad. Another thing I'd install would be some better motors, the stock ones work but they dont give you a lot of power to spare. Overall I'd say that with the addition of a $4 battery, this was a success. I can now record my micro FPV footage, without static, and record it in a better quality than my fpv camera. 

For some reason youtube thinks that this video is 360p, I am not sure why, its recorded in 480p. Anyway, this is the footage that I have gotten from the camera on the quad, I hope you enjoy it!



This isn't the exact camera I used in this build, this is the newer, lighter one.


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Rc Aviation on October 27, 2016
How much flight time did you get FPV with it :)

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FoamTest on October 27, 2016
The stock battery doesn't work with this set up, it draws too much current, and the upgraded batteries are still on the way. I still haven't gotten any more than 30 second flights with the stock battery, the upgraded ones are only $4 though. I'd expect a lot longer flight time from those.
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FoamTest on November 4, 2016
UPDATE: I have gotten the upgraded battery and I get about 3 minute flights with it.
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Foam Test: Hubsan X-4 FPV