Fokker DR1 Triplane - Scratch Build

by FliteTest | February 27, 2012 | (20) Posted in How To


In this episode of Flite Test, Josh Bixler shows us step by step, how to build the Fokker DR1 Triplane! This plane goes together very quick, is cheap to build and also very efficient when in the air. Watch this episode to learn how to build your own.   


Designed by "pmjass" from   



 What we used: 

Built with either dollar store foam board, 6mm depron, or foam trifold display board 

Motor: Hextronic dt-750 

Esc: Turnigy Plush 25 amp ESC 

Servos: HXT 9 gram servos (3) 

Prop: 11 X 4.7 SF 

Battery: Turnigy 1300 mAh 3s 

We simplified construction to make this build simple and with as few materials as possible. Intermediate skill level



WolstonFlyer on June 13, 2012
Thanks for building this plane and linking to the plans, I am building this and the SE5 for a bit of WWI Combat fun :-)
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motomad111 on September 21, 2012
hey maybe someone can help me I built one of these flies great however living in humid Florida I'm getting a lot of delamination of the paper and foam. I'm using Dollar Tree foam board... Any ideas???
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HawaiiFlyer on April 25, 2013
motomad111 and leadpipe58, I'm having a similar issue with delaminating foam board. I built the Baby Blender v2 using a speed build kit purchased from FliteTest. I live in Hawaii where humidity is a pretty steady 80% + and the temperature is always between 65 and 85 F.

The kit sat for a few weeks before I could assemble it. I've just completed assembly and will take it up for a test flight soon. I'm concerned though because the delamination is occurring at the joints of the ailerons and rudder. The aileron essentially pushed down at the hinge leaving about an inch wide gap between the paper and the foam core, making the aileron unusable. Sticking with the materials at hand, I used hot glue to put it back together, making sure to not get any glue in the joint itself. We'll see how it goes...

Any other tips for fixing delamination? And, is anyone else having a similar issue?
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sstokes1971 on April 29, 2013
I've found that smearing a thin coat of white glue over the cut edges helps to seal the paper and stops some delamination.
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MCurrie on May 11, 2012
Plan link is no longer available. :( I really wanted to make this.
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quiksilver on December 19, 2013
hi flitetest, can you please repost the plans for the triplane, please????? thank you
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leadpipe58 on January 27, 2013
Hello Motomad111
Just a few thought on your problem.You could thin water base glue and paint it on to seal the paper to the foam or use light coats of spray paint before you assemble the parts.You did not say how big a problem it is.Just the edge or whole sections.
You have a problem i want.we are 8 degrees with snow and ice on the way.Ain't real flying weather here 50 miles north of Philly.I will not fly below 32 degrees that is cold enough.
I will be interested to hear how you make out,It do get hot some parts of the year.
Good Luck.
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leadpipe58 on January 27, 2013
Josh I will be building this great plane.Question have you tried to use the blender style wing.or would the weight be an issue?I may have to give it a try.
Thank keep up the great work..You have taught a guy with 30+ years of building stuff a few tricks.

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mig man on February 11, 2013
you know this is great and all but i perferre the fokker D.VII. Dose any one have plans for one about the same size?
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hansdude on August 6, 2013
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bruin12 on October 22, 2015
Broken link to the Bixler tail and landing gear. Where can we find it?
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Idontlandicrash on August 24, 2015
flitetest please post the please for this I really love the look of it but cant fine it anywhere to download
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James Keys on September 12, 2020
Does anyone have scale A4 PDF for the tail and landing gear Please?

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Fokker DR1 Triplane - Scratch Build