Video of my foldable quadcopter design (FIXED)

by enivid | April 22, 2013 | (0) Posted in Projects


Here are a few things I learned from this build:

  1. The rigidity of the frame is not as important as I thought.  The 3mm bambo material I used is quite flexible but as you can see even with a flexible boom you still get a stable flight. I've tried some high speed pitches on it and I was impressed by its performance (and, bonus, it didn't fold on me or my novice piloting didn't crash it).
  2. zipties zipties zipties: having a ziptie heavy design makes for a quick and cheap build.
  3. If you're planning on laser cutting something with ponoko there is a cost tradeoff between laser time and efficient use of material, always keep that in mind.
  4. Also keep the different parts to a minimum, in this design I had two separate layer plate design.  Although the build is very nice... I could have simplified.
  5. The plastic case of these cheap DSM2 recievers from HK is way too big, I took it off, put some heatshrink to protect the electronics (like my ESCs) and reduced the volume significantly!

I've taken all my lessons learned from this one and designed a second version of the frame (it should should show up at my door in a few weeks).


enivid on April 23, 2013
Sorry guys, posted the youtube video as private. Fixed now I hope!
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Video of my foldable quadcopter design (FIXED)