FPV Fall Colors in Alaska - Tricopter

by MountainSnowFlyer | October 11, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

Hey Guys,

Hope you enjoy my annual fall colors around my neck of the woods (and brush and bog and tundra) in the Alaska Range.  This tricopter uses a set of David W's original plates.  Thanks for the inspiration David and FT crew!


MountainSnowFlyer on October 20, 2013
Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it! @baronbernie, I definitely see your point...that's one disadvantage about making a "music video". I'll see about releasing some less polished more raw videos for folks like you. I definitely have some more cool footage from that misty morning.
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Johan on October 12, 2013
Wow, falli in Alaska sure looks nice! You have some great footage there!
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NoUsername on October 11, 2013
There were many beautiful unexpeted scenes on your video. Would like to have seen a little more of each scene. To me the one I enjoyed was the early morning fog on the side at 2:18, as my dad was born in the hills of Pa. and the scene remnded me of morning fog there.
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rifted on October 11, 2013
NICE!!! My wife and I just came back from vacations and we spend them in Alaska and drove as much as possible this September and it is such a beautiful state!! Love all the colors and site seeing, the Glaciers all over! bad thing I could not bring up my tri to film around like you but we took tons of pics! Well thanks so much for sharing the videos my wife will be so happy!
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FPV Fall Colors in Alaska - Tricopter