FPV Twinstar Version 01

by FliteTest | October 21, 2010 | (21) Posted in Projects
We receive many requests regarding this plane. The official Flite Test FPV Twinstar is our workhorse. Weather it's beautiful cloud shots, chasing a plane for review, or an awesome sunset, this plane has been a wonderful FPV platform. Initially it was referred to me by David Windestal from www.rcexplorer.se

I built it to his specs, then I made a few of my own adjustments. The biggest change I made was a lower KV motor with bigger props. The airframe is made by Multiplex.   I have put many hours, and many more miles on this aircraft and it's just about to be removed from commission. 

Currently it has a crinkled front-end and some mud stains from it's most recent nose landing. While it still flies fine, I'm eager pull out all the electronics and start fresh with a new airframe that has no holes, excessive glue, or gouges.   I highly recommend this platform to anyone who has an interest in serious FPV flying. 

I've flown for more than 25 minutes on one 2200 3S. It's very stable and has lots of power!   Below are a couple of pictures to show the internal workings. Please comment if you have any questions.   

Written by: Chad Kapper


Pav on August 1, 2012
Hi Chad! Id like to give a suggestion on mounting the camera slightly further in so there is some foam to protect the precious Go-pro. Do you think that would be feasible or would it mess up the CG?
Of course it would be mounted in such depth that wont obstruct the image
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stonekap on August 1, 2012
That's a very good suggestion. Unfortunately, the way I wreck... I would have to mount it in the tail for the proper amount of protection ;)
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Carbon on October 15, 2012
May I make a suggestion?
Use the dome. $5 to save the GoPro, sounds good to me!
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Nonamerc on October 16, 2012
just get a lensprotector from getfpv.com only 20 dollars.
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liveyourdreamsRC on October 28, 2012
What are you using to hold on the props? prop colets? prop savers?
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liveyourdreamsRC on October 24, 2012
Hi Chad
Where did you buy the 9x7.5 props? Hobbyking? Here are the ones I found at hobbyking but they don't look like the ones in the picture:


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FliteTest on October 24, 2012
I can't find them anymore...
Try these:



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liveyourdreamsRC on October 25, 2012
Ok thanks for you help! I can't wait to build this!
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FPV Twinstar Version 01